The TEA Party Debt Distraction

I attended my second TEA Party Protest this past weekend on the Courthouse lawn in Longview, Texas. It was good to see so many citizens sufficiently concerned about the state of affairs in this nation that they would take the time out of a Saturday afternoon for a protest. To fight the racist stereotypes, the organizers had a black preacher give the main address, and he was well received by the audience. But as I surveyed the crowd, I saw that probably 60% were 50+ year old whites. Probably 99.5% of the crowd was white – not that race matters to me, but the whole thing felt like going to a dying non-spirit-filled Baptist church. The crowd was very subdued with most people sitting in chairs to hear the speech – no dynamism at all. There were very few people with signs, but quite a few with American and Gadsen flags. I realized that they were mostly all still spectators and not truly activists. They will go back home, sit on the couch, watch Fox News, donate to the Republican Party, and vote for the lesser of two evils on Tuesday. I found myself thinking: If this is the best we can do in defiance of tyranny, we are still in very serious trouble as a nation.

I was one of the few carrying a sign which I made nearly 2 years ago for an END THE FED protest. My sign read: “END THE FED, RESTORE CONSTITUTIONAL INTEREST-FREE SOUND MONEY,” and “BANKSTER BAILOUTS = FRAUD + NWO COUP”. I wonder how many people there understood the meaning of this sign or know what the Federal Reserve really is or how our monetary system actually works.

National Debt Clock in August 2010; currently the debt clock is at $13.7 trillion

We hear a lot from the Tea Party about reducing the national debt. Conservative commentators on Fox News talk about how we need to balance the budget and pay off this debt while liberal or democratic commentators say we need more government spending to fight off deflation. But this fiscal debate over the debt is really just a distraction from the primary issue which is the nature of our money. Both sides are right and both sides are wrong because both accept the premise that the debt is a legitimate necessary debt.

America’s relationship with debt is like a Crack-whore looking for her last fix. If she can’t find it, she may die, and if she continues snorting crack, she will die. So with the little strength she has left, she is selling herself out to get that one last fix of stimulus. If we stop government spending, quantitative easing, and bankster bailouts, we will go through convulsive withdrawals as credit dries up; since our money supply is primarily created through fractional reserve credit expansion, then we will see a severe and prolonged great depression 2. But on the other hand, if we continue these policies to fight deflation, we ensure a sovereign debt crisis and currency devaluation, which will also result in a very long great depression. In either case, austerity measures and increased taxes will be imposed punishing the people for an odious debt created by irresponsible politicians and too-big-to-fail financial institutions. The destruction of the middle class will accelerate and America will become an impoverished 3rd world banana republic.

America, along with the rest of the Western “free” world, is in a debt trap, which is the natural inevitable result of our central banking system and fiat fractional reserve currency system. Americans need to stop accepting the premise that we actually owe this debt and stop debating whether or not to increase or lower the debt. Instead we need to declare this debt to be odious and fraudulent. The American people should not be punished for a debt they did not create nor from which they receive any benefit.

The Federal Reserve central bank, which is a private for-profit international banking cartel, must be abolished because it is unconstitutional and parasitic. It is the greatest center of power in the U.S. and has no public oversight. The power of money creation must be returned to the Federal Government as mandated by the Constitution. A new interest-free dollar must be introduced which is backed by a precious metal or commodity, and the income tax must be abolished.

New financial regulations must be passed to limit high frequency trading and market manipulation, and “exotic” financial packages, derivatives, and ponzi schemes which generate parasitic profits and result in overvalued “toxic assets”.

In other words, the situation we are now facing cannot simply be repaired by a more responsible fiscal policy. Those who argue for a more responsible fiscal policy are accepting the false premise that the public debt is legitimate. We don’t need a more responsible fiscal policy; we need a revolution in the way we think about our monetary and financial system. The current system is junk and only benefits a few elites. It preys upon the people. It must be totally discarded and a new system based on the old ideals of the constitution and the founding fathers must be implemented.

There is no way around it: sooner or later in one form or another, revolution is coming. The sooner it occurs and the faster people get educated about the realities we face, the lesser the violence. The longer we wander ignorantly down this present path, the greater the violence will be in the end. The American people are slowly waking up to the fact that they have been deceived and enslaved. Sooner or later, slaves rebel – especially those who once believed they were free. Aside from prosperity, there is nothing that can purge the human spirit from the desire for freedom. Now that the illusion of prosperity is breaking down, the desire for freedom is once again aroused.

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