Revolutionary Change is Coming

"The Storming of the Bastille", Visi...

The Storming of the Bastille

Revolutionary change is coming; in many ways it is already here. There is no more time to be in denial. A collapse is under way, and with it comes opportunity both for those who oppose the Creator and His free humanity and those who believe in it. Do you want to be a spectator of history or an active part of history? Now is the time to accept our future so that we may evaluate it rationally with courage and conquer it. We cannot afford to be partakers of the mass delusion that an economic recovery of infinite exponential growth is just around the corner.

It is a mathematical certainty that our present manner of life cannot continue. We have been riding several interlinked exponential waves for the past 100 years; exponential increases in population, technology, production, consumption, and debt. In nature, an exponential function will increase rapidly until it either achieves a singularity (infinite growth) or until it hits a limiting factor. Since we live on a finite planet, it should be obvious to all that infinite growth is impossible. Many optimistic futurists like Ray Kurzweil believe the exponential increase in technology will approach a singularity in the next 50 years, and as humans are merged with machines, a new form of utopian life will emerge. This is the ultimate recasting of the Tower of Babel. But Kurzweil prefers to ignore the fact that in nature most exponential growth periods are followed by collapses when a limiting factor is reached. Singularities are common in theory, but in practicality are rare.

The exponential growth in technology has been tied to an exponential growth in the economy which is tied to an exponential growth in oil production, consumption, and debt. The most imminent threat to our present way of life is the exponential growth of debt. Our monetary system is a glorified Ponzi scheme which requires an exponential increase in debt and consumption to remain stable. Since economists and financiers know that infinite debt growth is unsustainable, when the debt singularity is approached as it is today, confidence fails like a stack of dominoes and the fiat debt-based monetary system collapses.

Let me repeat this important fact for emphasis: it is a mathematical certainty that the fiat debt-based monetary system WILL COLLAPSE and is now collapsing. Confidence in the U.S. Dollar has been rapidly eroded since 2001 as evidenced by the fact that Gold has risen 500% against the dollar in that same period. Confidence in the Euro is also failing. Fiat currencies will continue to lose value to hard assets, precious metals, and commodities until possibly at some point a panic will take over and fiat currencies become worthless. Consequently, shortages will become increasingly frequent and severe until the greater economy virtually grinds to a halt. If this devaluation occurs suddenly in a panic, there will be chaos for several weeks or months until local barter systems take shape permitting some form of local economy. In light of this, it is wise for every person to possess things that have been used as currency for hundreds or thousands of years: silver, gold, storable food, heirloom seeds, bullets, fuel, tools, and useful skills. Ideally, local communities and states should be prepared for this by issuing local currencies and planning sustainable local economies with cooperative gardening and farming initiatives. Big cities where residents are fully dependent on food shipped in from miles away will see the worst suffering.

While a currency collapse is a certainty, the wild card in the near future is war – not if more wars will happen, but when, with who, to what extent, and whether the American people will stand for any more wars. Establishment think-tanks like the RAND Corporation and the Project for a New American Century have been itching to spark off new wars – even nuclear wars – if it advances the agenda of global government.

In spite of the vast government and corporate corruption that is bleeding the people dry to erect this neo-feudalistic global government, a vast political awakening is also taking place. With the advent of the internet, mankind as a whole has become more politically awake than ever before in history. Oppressed peoples in any dark corner of the world can find an audience to hear their plight on the internet. Intelligent people around the globe have access to more knowledge than ever before in history. A simple cell phone camera or a blog run by a student can become a political weapon against corruption. This freedom of information on the internet along with a middle class that is wealthy enough to make use of this information is the greatest threat to the elitist’s plans for world government. This is why the wealth of the middle class is being destroyed and amidst the “good crisis” of the Wikileaks drama, the establishment is wasting no time in justifying the end of “net neutrality” or UN internet regulation or general censorship of the web. The free internet is the last bastion of free speech and it is now heavily under attack. The outcome of this cyber war remains to be seen.

The war against the American people has also been underway for quite some time. Some might say it became a hot war on September 11, 2001 when an intelligence operation from within the government carried out a false-flag attack on American soil on American citizens killing nearly 3000 of us that day and thousands more in the aftermath. This attack was also used to justify the death of civil liberties and the death of the constitution to erect a police-state that monitors and tracks all citizens. This police-state was not set up for radical muslim bearded middle eastern men in turbans, but for you and me, average ordinary freedom-loving American citizens. This is evidenced by countless Department of Homeland Security memos and statements made by Janet Napolitano and recently by Eric Holder. As Gerald Celente says, “When the American people lose everything, they’re going to lose it!” The elite establishment have timed the monetary system collapse with the erection of the police state control grid so that as people lose everything, they’ll be driven into the arms of the state’s “Ministry of Love.”

Those who think they can survive the collapse by barricading themselves in their houses with food and guns to wait it out likely will not survive. There will come a time when most everyone has nothing. Those who do must either help those who don’t or lose their soul defending their pathetic little piece of security. Survival will come through a courageous self-sacrificial spirit and a cooperative effort of communities, churches, families, and friends. In the years to come, friendships will be infinitely more valuable than today’s green paper. The challenge is to survive this transition however long it may last – 10 to 50 years – and simultaneously spread the truth both spiritual and practical about why our previous system failed so that when the dust settles perhaps the remnant will be prepared to learn from our mistakes and establish a new society that enters the next renaissance.

“What about Jesus’ return?” I can hear some asking. Well, if this truly is the apocalypse, I want Jesus to come back and find me going about his business. In truth the church has often been guilty of using the 2nd advent as an excuse to disengage society and remain politically and spiritually asleep and impotent. Now is the time for churches to be talking about serious issues both spiritual and practical. Now is the time to become unified and settle philosophical and ethical issues before we face them. Are we pacifists? When is self-defense justified? When is violence justified? When do we obey men and when do we obey God? How can we be better equipped to help one another through the collapse? How can we be prepared to answer people’s questions in all the soul-searching that will surely take place? These are questions to which I fully admit I do not have all the answers. The church is supposed to be the place where people can find answers, so we need to make sure we have them. It is a great opportunity.

This opportunity excites me, but the cost in human suffering and lives depresses me. Humanity goes through cycles of oppression –> suffering –> revolution –> strength –> prosperity –> degeneration –> corruption –> collapse –> oppression. We are now entering the next collapse cycle. The past century is filled with countless examples of man’s inhumanity to man. There is a mass delusion that we as a species have moved beyond all that – that we are a more sophisticated and tolerant society. In many ways we are, but we are all still people and as free humanity we possess enormous potential for either good or evil. God gave us the earth to rule it. We decide where we go from here.

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