7 Reasons for Gloom and Doom

Why do I like to talk doom and gloom? Why do I feel the need to continually post information on Facebook revealing the underpinnings of the evil establishment that sweeps us on to destruction? Why can’t I just say happy things all the time?

  1. I love truth – particularly truth that is more esoteric or controversial. I love to debate, so I am drawn to truth that is in dispute or not readily understood by most people. If we agree, then we have nothing much to say on the subject. If we disagree, or if I can enlighten you to something about which you are ignorant, then I get excited. I love to teach. I do not wish to live in a fantasy land where tribulation does not exist. Our reality is that we will have tribulation, oppression, and persecution; therefore, I want to face it head on with full knowledge of what is coming. Conquer or be conquered. There is a feeling of transcendence that comes with the knowledge that history is being made before your eyes and you are comprehending the implications while it is happening; you are not merely one of the dumb pawns on the chess board, but you can see the whole board from the perspective of an outside observer. “…5 moves to checkmate.”
  2. I want to warn people. Survivors of the various holocausts that have tortured and slaughtered countless millions around the world have an intimate experiential knowledge of horrors that those of us who have lived our whole lives in prosperity would rather push out to the edge of our consciousness. Many found that their brush with hell motivated them to action so that others would not face the same fate. If we continue to ignore the warnings of history, our past will become our future. I don’t want those things to happen to my friends and neighbors and family, but ignoring them will ensure they do happen.
  3. I want to be ahead of the game. What Rahm Immanuel said cynically is nevertheless true: “never let a good crisis go to waste”. Times of upheaval present hardships for everyone, but those who are not surprised and who read the signs of the times and plan ahead can also profit, or at the very least survive, when others fail. Lying to ourselves about our future will only decrease our chances of surviving and thriving in it.
  4. I am angered by corruption and injustice. Anyone who is a witness to corruption and injustice should be outraged by such things and should speak out about them. To be complacent is to be complicit and partially responsible. We should fight the tendency to become desensitized, helpless, passive, and apathetic and preserve our God-given dominion and liberty.
  5. I want to lead a significant life. I want to impact history. I want to change minds. I want to enlighten people to things about which they were previously ignorant. I want to help them make wise decisions. I want to talk about things that are BIG and POWERFUL and that effect lots of people.
  6. I don’t have a girlfriend. It’s true: life is just a little gloomier and doomier without the positive brain chemicals associated with romance. But aside from chemistry, without a relationship, I have time and energy to research things that would pale in excitement compared to a love. Furthermore, the prospect of a future family tends to make one more optimistically hopeful about future – even irrationally so.
  7. I am proud. Although it’s not something I’m proud of, pride does on occasion creep into my thoughts motivating me to want to be more right, more astute, and more prescient, than anyone else. My competitive nature sometimes takes over when it should not. This is an admission of guilt. I continually strive to purge pride from the motives of my heart.
Seven is God’s favorite number, so I’ll stop there. Though at times it seems like prophecies of gloom and doom and tales of conspiracy and corruption are my favorite subjects, I try to stay balanced, take each day as a gift and make the most of it. In many ways studying such things helps us to appreciate all of life’s blessings. I think we should all strive to discover and spread the truth, but we should also soak up every single minute of goodness this life has to offer. We serve a good God and one day soon, “there will be no more sorrow, no more tears, no more pain, no more death for the old order of things will pass away and all things will be made new.”
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