Obama’s Fake Birth Certificate

I have not paid much attention to the “birther” issue over the last two years, because it seems like a side issue. However, being an avid photography and Photoshop fanatic, the release of the alleged birth certificate interested me.

I would say this is a fraud, but that term doesn’t quite fit. A fraud is something that is crafted to look legitimate. This appears to have been DELIBERATELY designed to look illegitimate. There are multiple image layers pieced together each having different levels of processing and JPG artifacts. A simple honest single-layer scanned image would have none of these things. A good fraudster could easily do a better job if he so desired. But how can I describe this? It would be like someone cutting up monopoly money and taping it to a piece of toilet paper and trying to pass it off as the real deal.

The fact that the mainstream media is reporting on this as if this were real only proves that the MSM is totally discredited. Where are the panels of Photoshop experts highlighting the very obvious signs that this is not an honest scanned image? Why don’t they request to examine the actual document instead of the PDF uploaded to the White House’s website? Has the Press lost all capacity for critical thinking?

The MSM is taking the position that this is assumed to be legitimate and the “conspiracy kooks” out there are trying and failing to prove it is illegitimate. However, in a logical debate the party making the positive claim carries the burden of proof. It is up to those who say this Certificate of Live Birth is legitimate to prove it, and it is up to the rest of us to find things that cast doubt upon its legitimacy of which there are plenty. This would not hold up in a court of law.

I don’t think the release of this alleged birth certificate was intended to end any debate on the issue, but rather to keep it going as a big distraction to the real issues. Or perhaps we have entered the dystopian scenario of 1984 where the establishment demands doublethink:


War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

The Photoshopped birth certificate is legitimate.

Multiple image layers pasted over a background image of security paper.

Different Font Color: green and black

Multiple levels of JPEG artifacts/processing/font color

JPEG Artifacts on some numbers but not others.

Certification stamp and signature not actually stamped/signed on printout of certificate on security paper, but rather digitally pasted in the same layer as other data.

After doing some more searching, I found this PDF from AP:

This document actually bears the marks of a true scanned image. That doesn’t preclude any possibility of it being contrived or constructed before it was scanned, but at least it contains none of the obvious signs of a photoshop forgery found on the White House’s link. This only proves my point: the PDF released by the White House was neither designed to end the debate, nor was it a carefully contrived hoax. It was DELIBERATELY designed to appear dubious in order to distract and see how far people would go to convince themselves to believe in something that obviously was not true. The fake document posted by the White House was a psy-op all the way.

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One Response to Obama’s Fake Birth Certificate

  1. Bork says:

    I totally agree! Their testing us and media is manipulating everyone.

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