It is 1:06 AM, which means I should be going to bed instead of starting a blog, but, heck, it’s a 5-day weekend, so I’ll throw something down.

Just watched the latest Transformers. I’ve seen so many alien movies lately I’m starting to believe in them – aliens. No seriously… Maybe that’s the point? We’re all being programmed to accept them to be what they appear to be whenever they decide to appear. Through cinema our understanding of “aliens” is being mapped out so that whenever full public disclosure finally occurs we will all presume to know what is going on based on our prior virtual experience with them in the movies. Just think of how differently Columbus would have been received by the natives if they had been prepped with decades of movies about white men on great sailboats coming to deceive and bring sword and disease. But alas, the poor natives didn’t have a clue what those Unidentified Floating Objects were or what kind of technologically advanced aliens would come forth from them.

Examples of the Alien agenda in cinema:

For the present moment the public is held in a cognitive dissonance phase where we all know its crazy to talk about aliens, but on some level (due to media programming) we all kinda think it is possible:

Given that the universe is something like 16 billion years old, with possibly as many earth-like planets, and given that evolution is the process by which life is created in the universe, many would reason that we are not alone in the universe. Given that biological and technological evolution advances on an exponential curve, and given that travel at greater than light-speed is possible, it seems unlikely that spaceship earth would have failed to attract visitors by now – unless humans are the first life-form in the universe to approach the technological singularity, which seems unlikely (given that life is not so unlikely).

So according to the above line of logic (which I don’t necessarily subscribe to) aliens are already among us. So what do they want with us? Well, what do the movies and the abduction experiences tell us?

  • There are good aliens and there are bad aliens.
  • The good aliens want to help us achieve our potential and reach spiritual balance and enlightenment.
  • The bad aliens want to take control of our planet and snatch us away and slaughter us all for various reasons: resources, meanness, or to exploit our physical bodies.
  • The bad aliens often want to breed hybrids.
  • The good aliens are usually humanoids.
  • The bad aliens are usually either the bulbous-headed, frog-skinned, black-eyed “grays” or they are the scaly horned serpentine “reptilians”.
Now all of this may sound crack-pot, but read the above list again substituting “aliens” with “angels” or “demons”. It is all stuff we’ve heard before throughout the Bible and other ancient texts. Do I believe in E.T.? Yes and no. There can be no doubt that alien abduction experiences happen to thousands upon thousands of people every year as well as a host of other weird unexplainable shtuff. But these sorts of things have happened throughout the history of man – only, in the past, man called these beings demons and angels and sons of God. When these beings first attempted to make hybrids (Genesis 6:6), they created a race of giants and supermen. It is interesting that today most alien encounters seem to be sexual in nature with abductees reporting a kind of breeding program.

I don’t believe a life-form advanced enough to span interstellar space would require our resources or our bodies; however, such a life-form may have gotten so cocky with its intelligence that it imagined itself to be God and now wars against its Creator. If you read much trans-humanist literature today, it is obvious man is following the same pattern.

Could that be how Lucifer, the symbol of knowledge, fell? Perhaps he was once like us, chilling in a serpentine body on a highly evolved planet somewhere in the vicinity of Draco when his species’ technological singularity occurred launching their collective consciousness into the nether-lands of the multidimensional vibrating quantum soup that fills the heavens. He voyaged to earth and tempted the childlike humans with the same god-like qualities promised by the knowledge-based technological utopia, but in doing so violated one of the 10 commandments God had previously given him in the earlier stages of his serpentine species’ spiritual evolution: “Thou shalt not screw with life on other planets.” Now God has doomed Him to an eternal death by tidal stretching (spaghettifcation) on the event horizon on a nearby black-hole and he is bitter about that so he wants to enslave and destroy the “pathetic” creatures God seems to hold so dear to his heart.No? Too outrageous?

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