Dreams, dreams, and more dreams… Is someone secretly testing an Inception machine on me? For the last two weeks or so, I have had epic dreams almost every night and remembered to tell about them. This is very strange since I usually go months at a time without remembering a dream. Last night I was learning to surf on the storm surge from a hurricane as waves rolled down streets and over buildings. Before that I was hunting a suspected terrorist in the midst of a worship night at church. Before that I was having a hamburger with Obama and quizzing him on the debt deal and the nature of money (this was a few hours before he took his “Debt Team” out to a hamburger lunch). Last week I was shooting giant spiders, speeding across picturesque lakes, philosophizing with a spook, and getting inducted into a top-secret astronaut program.

My parents said I’m like Walter Mitty – bored with my mundane life and imagining a more exciting one. There’s a lot of truth in that! It could also be that I took a break from all vitamins and herbal energy supplements allowing me to rest more soundly than I have in a while. Or perhaps my stress level has gone down to such a minor level that I am not jerked awake by the fear that I’m late for work every morning (even though I usually am a little late). Or perhaps it is that new pillow I bought a couple of weeks ago… or perhaps it’s the increase in daily sunlight now that I’ve moved into an office with an east facing window… Or… Probably all of the above stewing together to make a perfect storm of nocturnal creativity. The most epic dream to date also occurred after eating Pizza for dinner.

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