Muddling Through

I heard a phrase a couple of weeks ago that has been echoing in my head and weaving itself into my paradigm. I was listening to the Alex Jones radio broadcast as he related a story about a conversation he had with an “elite” gentleman during a flight. At first the “elite” did not realize with whom he was conversing, but once he realized it was his Nemesis picking his brain, the conversation soured a bit. Alex then confronted him asking how he could knowingly support a system that progressively lowers the standard of living and restricts the freedoms of the vast majority of people. The elite’s response was that the masses will always find a way to “muddle through” any hardship, and eventually they will adapt to it as the new norm; furthermore, there is no moral imperative that the common man should enjoy a certain standard of living or degree of freedom.

His view is no doubt representative of the ruling class of atheistic elites: most are not driven by the desire to create a utopian society of free spiritually enlightened humanity where every person has the opportunity to realize his full material and spiritual potential. This is anathema because such a society would eliminate all the forces of hardship that drove natural selection to evolve us and this would allow our increasingly untuned poor genetic stock to flourish all over the planet like a bad plague of parasitic locusts consuming everything in its path. Furthermore, such a disunited chaotic mass of humans with nuclear technology runs the risk of destroying us all before evolution can carry us through to our ultimate destiny. The elite is not driven by the desire to see the individual reach his full potential, but rather the desire to see the process of evolution reach its full potential (and to personally accumulate as much power and wealth as possible along the way). Now that man has the ability to decipher and manipulate his own genetic code and merge with machine intelligence, a quantum leap in the evolutionary process is now taking place. Human hybrids are being created all around the world and gradually machines are merging with the bodies and minds of men. A new species will be formed that is no longer human. This more advanced species of techno-sapiens will follow the pattern of evolutionary history and dominate its lesser evolved cousin, the common man. The elite desire to oversee and control this process, to be at the leading edge of it, and to ensure its fulfillment regardless of the consequences to individual liberty or dangers to human life. There are no self-evident inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness endowed by our Creator. There is only the exponential evolutionary curve and the moment of singularity when we become as gods. Those who cannot or refuse to adapt may be slaughtered as inconsequently as one may squash a lesser evolved ant underfoot.

This is the mindset of the average ruling elite and is a natural consequence of a materialistic atheistic paradigm. So what if the standard of living of the common man falls back to undeveloped levels? So what if people are oppressed by a control freak elite power structure? People will be unhappy for a time, but they will adapt; they will always find a way to “muddle through”.

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