Sketchbook of Ideas

Over the next few weeks and months, I hope to have time to crystalize some thoughts that have been brewing for many years – thoughts that deviate from what is considered mainstream Christian doctrine. I have refrained from discussing these ideas too much with other Christians for several reasons. First of all, I don’t want to deceive anyone or lead anyone astray, and knowing my own potential to be deceived or be incorrect about things, I continually question my own beliefs, thoughts, and opinions. Secondly, even if I am right in my thinking, I don’t believe it is kind or wise to perturb a person’s paradigm prematurely. We are each on our own spiritual journey as led by God and many of us are on shaky ground and can’t handle a lot of uncertainty. Introducing too much doubt or too many questions all at once can send a person into a tailspin. Now these reasons for failing to discuss my controversial thoughts apply to peers, but they are no excuse for not talking to older mature Christians about my ideas. I guess in that case, I have been both fearful and pessimistic about the fruitfulness of that. Some arguments just aren’t worth having. When I fully understand a person’s unyielding viewpoint on certain issues because I have heard it preached and explained a thousand times and because I used to have the very same unyielding viewpoint, and because I know that it has taken a journey of some years for me to traverse this difficult path, I wonder how much can be accomplished by a half hour discussion in which I will stumble over my words as I attempt to convey a book’s worth of thought all while being hindered by the trepidation of premature judgment. My thoughts are like an artist’s sketchbook. They are practice. They are incomplete. They look funny. They are continually being reshaped, refined, and improved. Most artists don’t like for you to look at their sketchbook and see all of their imperfect attempts. Nor do they want anyone to see or read their work until it is complete, lest it be judged prematurely. That is also how I feel about these thoughts. But some of these thoughts have been in my sketchbook for many years now, so I guess its about time I threw them on a canvas and presented them for review. Despite my pessimism at how my work will be generally received by other Christians, perhaps there will be some good to come of it. If nothing else, this will help me to articulate these thoughts better in future discussions which I will surely have.

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2 Responses to Sketchbook of Ideas

  1. Craig Lloyd says:

    I like your thinking. Its been several years since we last talked…feel free to contact me.

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