Religion is Jello

Photo of green gelatin


A thought popped into mind a few days ago: Religion is Jello. If Truth is like Living Water, flowing, moving, impossible to grasp, clear, refreshing, cleansing, and refusing to hold any particular form, then religion seeks to take this living truth and capture it with gelatin, form it into a particular shape, take away it’s clarity and add a particular color, perhaps to add a few nuts, make it fruity, or mix in some distilled spirits, cube it up with well-defined edges, sweeten it, and serve it up in tolerably small jiggling portions. Once the truth has been sufficiently chilled and set-up in gelatinous dogma, it does not like to be reformed. Any attempt to re-shape it will invariably result in schisms and a degradation of structure. Arguments over words and semantics and doctrines are forks trying to pin down the imprisoned truth. The ultimate result is a goopy ugly lumpy puddle that must be loudly sucked down through a straw. After all is said and done, the dish and fork and spoon must be washed and cleaned and prepared again for use… with flowing cleansing life-giving water.




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