A Couple of Poems

Red Robin Religion:

Golden Truth hatches in Red Robin’s thatches.
Red blindly guards her empty shells while Goldie flies away.
From Gold to Red her feathers breast; she makes a nest.
And in the thrush, the Truth is hushed, awaiting blue eggs to lay.

TKC (Trifecta Kitty Council):

Before the birds begin the sun to beckon,
After the crickets snore,
As the silent fog beats back the bashful moon,
Who goads her tides to shore,
In this, the darkest blackest hour:
Twelve tacit paws trot through the dewy meads;
Six spiked ears snare the whispers of the trees;
Three twitching tails the other two do tease;
One conclave of kitties concocts conspiracies.

Red Robin Religion is a poem I wrote today about the cyclical relationship between religion and truth. Under the warm comforting wings of religion, truth is hatched. Truth becomes a movement and then a new or altered religion. The truth is once again obscured until it hatches again within the new religion.

TKC is a just-for-fun poem I wrote a year ago about a dear friend’s three cats. 🙂


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