Infinity: The Way Things Work

What am I? Why am I here? I think I’m figuring out a few significant meaningful details here and there… but like the intricacies of a vivid dream, there seems to be no beginning and no end that I can recall. Is that the nature of the Mobius mind? A reality within infinity? I mean really… if even 1 infinity exists, then what hope do we have of trying to make sense of anything? They say if you had an infinite number of monkeys tapping on typewriters for an infinite number of years, eventually the complete works of Shakespeare would just happen to be tapped out. Some say that our consciousness, being connected with “The Source” (a term synonymous with but not as tainted as “God”) is infinite. So if I (not my ego), my awareness is fundamentally infinite, then this reality I am experiencing moment by moment is, perhaps, something akin to a dream. Dreams sometimes have no purpose. Sometimes they do seem to have a purpose. I believe I have a purpose. I believe there is a direction I should go and not go. And that is why I am compelled to endlessly ask these questions. Why am I here? What am I? What is the ultimate nature of reality? I turn pages like one reading a riveting novel that can’t be put down. News, articles, podcasts, religious writings, wisdom texts, conspiracy theories. I endlessly search for clues. I’ve always been like this. As a child, my favorite bedtime story was the big book of “The Way Things Work”.


It is funny how the mind balks at infinity, yet is equally uncomfortable with the finite. Of the two, which is more comfortable? I suppose infinity. Can you imagine the finite universe being all that is and all that ever was and all that ever will be? That’s absurd! Perhaps this lends credence to the assertion that fundamentally we are infinite consciousness. We thrive on meaning and there is no meaning without movement and there is no movement without a “from” and “to” so God-forbid there ever be a moment where we find ourselves backed up against a wall with neither “from” nor “to”. The search must continue…

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