Myth Makers

What is your myth? What is your narrative? What collection of metaphors have multiplied and congealed in your jiggling jello-like neo-cortex, seizing your imagination to shape your view of the world, your self, and your place within the world?

Has this mental mass solidified around you and arrested all movement or does it remain soft and pliable – even flowing? Can you tweak your own narrative and explore alternative story-lines? Or do you yield your rights of creation in ignorance to become a victim in someone else’s story? Are you enslaved by another man’s myth?

“I must create a system or be enslaved by another man’s; I will not reason and compare: my business is to create.” -William Blake

Does it make you uncomfortable to tweak your own myth? Do you see it rather as solid objective reality? Do you use your myth to very sanely go about staying safe and maximizing your enjoyment of life? Or is the alteration and refinement of your myth its own reward? Is your myth defined by the behavior of people – their actions all relating somehow back to you, the protagonist? Or is your myth defined in part by the behavior of sub-atomic thoughts flowing through you?

We do not need to wait around for science to catch up with science fiction and bring us some powerful new machine that creates inter-dimensional portals in time and space. All the machinery you need is already in your head. You do not need jiggawatts or warp drives or spinning magnetic fields. All you need is the right combination of chemicals and the powerful resonance of attention paying attention to itself. If the fabric of the universe is consciousness, then this resonance is the folding of the fabric so that distant regions touch.


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