One Thing

There is only One Thing.

To say, “there are two things,” establishes a relationship between the two things. This relationship exists in an environment and all together they compose a system which is One All Encompassing Thing.

We find ourselves in the middle of this One Thing and we always will because we are a part of the One Thing. We can’t get away from this One Thing because if we did, there’d be two things. But really… since there is only One Thing, it is not quite right to say that we are a part of It because “part” implies division. It is more accurate to say that we ARE the One Thing. If I poke you in the ribs, you will not say, “stop poking those ribs that are not me.” You’ll say, “Stop poking me!” Because “those ribs” are indistinguishable from you. Likewise, if I keep trying to kill you and you are a “rib” within the One Thing, the One Thing might appear to me in a vision and say, “Brandon! Brandon, Why do you persecute ME?” If the One Thing feels you as Him the way you feel your ribs as you, perhaps you are Him?

So what you consider to be you is really an arbitrary imaginary boundary that is commonly called the ego. It is as arbitrary as saying that a wave on the ocean has a separate existence from the ocean. It is as arbitrary as the 49th parallel that divides Canada and the USA. The idea of the USA is like the ego. It is a completely arbitrary construct of the human mind that vigorously defends itself when attacked. So although the USA with its arbitrary boundaries exists only as a transient idea, it is composed of eternal stuff. The land of the USA has been here for billions of years and before that it was pure energy. The people and animals for hundreds or thousands of generations. So suppose I were to meditate on this notion that the USA, though relatively recently mixed up with some arbitrary political boundaries, is composed of ancient stuffs and I declared, “before Abraham was born, the USA existed!” It only seems nonsensical because the idea of the USA is relatively new, but everything that composes the USA is ancient. Now I could apply the same meditation to the subject of myself. What/Who/Where/When am I? How do I define me? To define is to lay down boundaries, and since there is only One Thing, all boundaries are arbitrary and illusory. So by trying to define myself I create an artificial separation of myself from the One Thing. If I meditate on this long enough, I might come to the conclusion that, “Before Abraham was born, I am!”

And this is the mystical transcendent experience in a nutshell. And since “common sense” tells us that there are two or more things and you, as in your ego, is a relatively new construct, mystics are commonly seen as non-nonsensical. If you know that you are this One Thing, you also know that death is nothing to be afraid of because you’re not going to stop being this One Thing like that wave on the ocean headed for shore. Since governments and certain religious establishments require that people be afraid of death in order to control them, these governments dislike mystics and frequently kill them.

Those who have been raised in a culture to have a view of God as a supreme kingly omnipotent technocrat will call the man with a transcendent mystical experience a heretic and blasphemer and begin asking him all sorts of cynical technical questions to prove that he is not this One Thing. “Oh yeah? How did you part the Red Sea? Can you turn these stones into bread? Jump off this cliff and fly!” It is assumed that technical knowledge and skill is required to do something. But I could ask you, “How do you make your heart beat? How do you breathe?” Do you need technical knowledge of these things in order to do them?

We think that memory gives us definition. You dream every night and those dreams seem very real while you’re in them, and yet you forget most of your dreams. Does that mean they never happened to you? When a person has a tragic accident and forgets who he is, does that mean he never was? Did that person come into existence anew as soon as he woke up in the hospital? Suppose you were around before Abraham was born and you simply forgot about it. You got a case of amnesia when you woke up in the hospital on your birthday.

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