No Thing

My last post opened with the dogmatic pontification, “There is only one thing.”

Please try to understand my words as less of a prosaic resolute statement of fact, and more of a poetic playing with words. When attempting to describe the ineffable and infinite, all we can do is play with words and generate flawed mental models. I believe this is why poetry, art, and drama are often better teachers of truth than explicit dogmas and definitions. We communicate the ineffable through experiences and metaphors. To place too much stock in words will lead us astray because words, with their definitions, artificially parse things up like pixels in a digital representation of reality. Reality is not pixelated… it is fluid… because it is all one thing 😉

One implies many. All of reality is a fluctuation or a continuous wiggling waving oscillation about some zero-point center. And this central point is the “One Thing”. Something may fly very far from center but it always finds its identity in its opposite and therefore returns to center by becoming nothing just as matter and anti-matter encountering one another. We see the world linearly as a series of spectrums of dualities. We cannot know anything except through its opposite. We cannot understand light without dark, good with out evil, north pole without south pole, here without there, me without you, and one without none.

One implies none. Something implies nothing. 1 implies 0. So by saying there is only one thing, ironically I’ve created this duality of something and nothing – two things. So when I say, “There is only 1 thing” I envision a large solid mass…. existing within a blank field of nothing… So it is equally valid and maybe more appropriate to envision this 1 thing as emptiness or nothingness. This is not the boring inky blackness that we think of when we think of nothing. There’s nothing boring about it because everything you see around you exists within it. Nothing is very exciting because it is pure potential. Empty space is said to be a field of Zero Point Energy. The particles that make up everything you see are literally materializing and dematerializing from this emptiness. Emptiness gives meaning to everything. You wouldn’t write a letter on a newspaper… you’d look for a blank sheet so that your words could be intelligible and have meaning. The use of negative space in art is incredibly powerful. So nothing is more powerful than nothing! Nothing is the still quiet center we approach in prayer and mediation and it is infinite energy and potential.

Since this Nothing is the center about which all oscillations occur, it is the ultimate truth. To isolate one end of the spectrum from the other results in something meaningless. To arrive at truth we must hold two opposites in mind simultaneously and allow them to annihilate one another like matter and antimatter. To conquer dualism we have to master dualism by embracing dualism. This is why the wisest sages often seem capricious and offer contradictory nonsensical proverbs that confuse almost everyone who hears them.

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