Preppers and the Spiritual But Not Religious

Despite the health hazards assumed by living in an age of crisis, I am happy to be alive at this fantastically interesting period of history. Entrenched institutions everywhere are being revolutionized and the ensuing conflicts and dispersions of ideas and symbols are sowing the seeds for the next period of human history.

Authoritarianism is rising with the surveillance state and the militarization of police yet is counterbalanced by the democratizing power of the internet. Technological advances allow the average person to carry the sum of human knowledge in his pocket equipping him with the tools necessary to attain personal liberty while at the same time secretive governmental institutions use these same technologies to store and spy on his every communication. The efficiencies obtained by high technologies in both electronics and financial and industrial capitalism have increased production and added to the quality of life while making the entire infrastructure of human civilization overwhelmingly dependent on these fragile technological instruments and therefore incredibly vulnerable to collapse.

This gradual awakening of the public to such knowledge has led to the development of a sub-culture of the middle class known as “Preppers” who are preparing for such an imminent collapse which could be initiated by a variety of likely bogeymen: planned nuclear war, unplanned (or secretly planned) rogue nuclear or EMP attack, pandemic, unravelling of precarious financial instruments leading to severe depression, extraordinary natural disasters such as New Madrid earthquake, or any combination of the above. At the moment the likelihood of a planned nuclear war is rising rapidly as the unipolar Western hegemony is being challenged by new capitalism and new non-dollar trade agreements in the East (or more specifically the BRICS) and in response the West is threatening to start a limited nuclear war with Russia which it wagers it can win.

The subculture of Preppers (of which I consider myself to be a member) is composed of members from every level of the middle class who have both time to research and money to invest in personal survival equipment and education. Preppers are generally 1) aware of the fragility of both the infrastructure and the societal bonds which provide for the relatively high standard of living and low death rate presently enjoyed by many in the West, 2) able to grasp at least a rudimentary understanding of the confusing and highly secretive operations of the Money Powers and the means by which they manipulate world events and institutions to their benefit, 3) highly competitive in regards to the art and game of survival and therefore consciously or unconsciously view the various SHTF scenarios as opportunities to get ahead of the unwashed and unprepared masses often described as “sheeple”, 4) are reactionary against the mainstream media, mainstream degenerate culture, and methods of psycho-social control ingested by the sheeple and foisted upon them by social engineers with occult objectives 5) fiscal and moral conservatives and classical liberals or libertarians who value individual liberty and independence above the power of institutions, 6) are strongly nationalist favoring the open rule of accountable democratic national and local government in reaction to the encroaching rule of unaccountable international government and as such are generally opposed to collusion with the UN, and the erosion of national and local sovereignty through treaties and the destruction of borders through globalism, free-trade, and amnesty for illegal immigrants, and 7) are pro-gun as history shows that an armed population deters both crime and authoritarianism, and as any collapse scenario would involve the mass casualty of those unfortunate enough to be found without means of self-defense.

The availability of knowledge to the middle class has fueled the sub-culture of Preppers as well as another sub-culture self-described as “Spiritual but not religious” (SBNR). At first glance, these two sub-cultures might not seem to be related since Preppers often have conservative Christian roots and the SBNR either have liberal roots or are still in a phase of reaction against their own Christian roots; however these groups do have common elements and so long as the internet and the free exchange of ideas exists, these groups will increasingly mingle their ideologies combining to form a new counter-culture which I will call “Proto-Aquarian” since this group has the potential to form the seeds of a new vibrant society after the present age of crisis comes to a bloody resolution and a new age of economic expansion commences.

Humans are generally conservative of energy (lazy) and therefore will not act unless forced to do so. Some humans are incapable of empathy (sociopathic) and all are selfish to a certain degree. As many have pointed out, these attributes of humanity lead to a multi-generational cycle of prosperity, complacency, oppression, resistance, revolution, and renaissance in which the balance of power see-saws between the few genius sociopaths who seek centralized control and the masses who seek individual liberty and prosperity. At present, the prosperity enjoyed by the masses (of Westerners) is beginning to fade, oppression is rising, and the balance of power has shifted to the few. Preppers are the rising see-saw reactionary force.

Both Preppers and the SBNR are a result of the present freedom of information which has made available to the masses esoteric and occult knowledge which was historically shrouded in secrecy, jealously guarded by secret societies, and vigilantly stamped out or concealed by institutions of religion and finance. For generations these institutions enjoyed the benefit of the trust of the people they intentionally kept ignorant. Today as people awaken from their ignorance to find themselves enmeshed in a sticky web of controls they are beginning to question these institutions. Once an awakened individual’s trust is shaken in one institution, he begins to research and reevaluate other formerly trusted institutions such that, for example, an investigation of the false flag 9/11 attack may eventually lead an individual to investigate church history resulting in that individual migrating from establishment or fundamentalist Christianity into broader interpretations of Christianity or even the SBNR group. There are various entry points and paths an individual may take on the journey from blind trust to knowledge and skepticism, but if persistently pursued to its end, the journey culminates in a completely revolutionized worldview that is above or detached from the deceptive institutions which provided the previously assumed worldview. Therefore, the creation of the SBNR sub culture is linked to a certain extent with the same reaction to political and social forces which has created the Preppers.

The SBNR group is as much a reaction to institutionalized religion as it is to the sometimes equally dogmatic and closed-minded institutionalized materialism in the scientific community. Materialism became institutionalized into the scientific community in the 19th century for several reasons: 1) as a reaction to the superstitious nature of religious claims that could not be verified scientifically, 2) a rise in humanism supplanted theism, 3) and technological innovations based on classical physics were realized through the industrial revolution dramatically and pervasively improving the standard of living. The third item is probably the most important. By applying the laws and models of classical physics, tangible positive effects were achieved thereby validating the classical model of the universe. Since classical physics described the universe in strictly materialistic and deterministic terms, materialism took a firm hold in the scientific community and persists even today, a century after quantum physical models have overturned classical materialist models. Materialism persists today because although it has been theoretically defeated, the implementation of quantum theory into tangible ubiquitous technologies has been minimal.

Although the mainstream scientific establishment has tenaciously maintained and defended materialist dogmas, many scientists are not materialists or atheists. A great deal of peer-reviewed scientific research has been published regarding phenomena that does not behave according to the models of classical materialistic physics. These phenomena do have properties consistent with the quantum model of the universe (i.e. non-locality, entanglement, time independent, conflation of observer and observed). These phenomena are also consistent with “supernatural” events recorded in religious histories and mythologies and anecdotally evidenced to still be occurring. The materialistic mainstream fearing a return to the dark ages where religious oppression snuffed out free scientific investigation and superstition engulfed the masses in ignorance, engages in self-censorship to prevent the growth of such “dangerous” ideas like the idea that consciousness may exist independently of the brain.

Many philosophers, open-minded religious thinkers, and some scientists have enthusiastically accepted the implications of the overturned classical materialistic model of the universe while still remaining skeptical of the dogmas held by institutionalized religious establishments. These form the enlightened nucleus of the Spiritual But Not Religious group. But without the benefit of an establishment of religion to act as a gatekeeper and arbiter of truth, the esoteric and mystical ideas and discoveries of this enlightened nucleus have fueled a great deal of not so enlightened speculation and self-serving minor establishments that tarnish the cause. As usual, truth is elusive and often misunderstood, misapplied and clouded in mystery. These shortcomings are often pointed to by religious establishments as evidence of the failure of the SBNR group to provide sound guidance and truthful information and that the SBNR group leads people into deception.

Nevertheless, the SBNR group is providing a necessary counterbalance and secular alternative to atheistic materialism which started out as optimistic humanism in the 19th century but took a pessimistic and nihilistic turn after the atrocities of the World Wars. It is the nihilistic atheistic materialism embraced by the sociopathic oligarchs and preached to the masses through pop culture that has through the comfort of pleasure and prosperity allowed society to rot and through pervasive self-absorption allowed conflicts to brew to the precariously explosive conditions that presently exist. Capitalism is based on the faulty idea that what is good for individual profits is always best for the community while socialism is based on the deflating idea that what is best for the community must be accepted by the individual (or else!). If an economic and social golden age is to be achieved, it surely must be accomplished through a balancing of individual liberty and a revolutionary understanding of the fluid nature of reality that permits the individual the ability to see his irrevocable connection to the whole. Whether such a state of societal equanimity and prosperity can ever be achieved for any length of time, I know not, but it is the goal and hope of such an achievement that permits humanity to at least temporarily swing out of the cycle of oppression. In the present circumstance where the world is wired for thermonuclear self-destruction it seems unlikely that the world can survive more cycles. Therefore, our understanding of the nature of reality must evolve to this “enlightened” state (or else!).

This foreboding sense that the end of the world might be nigh has been around for thousands of years and is reflected in apocalyptic Judeo-Christian writings which provides an additional pathway for Christians to develop into Preppers averse to world government with its S.O.P. of deception, open displays of occult symbolism, increasing control over buying and selling, and open plans to merge technology with the human body for identification, tracking, commerce, and even mind control.

While every Prepper is not a SBNR person and every SBNR person is not a Prepper, the free flow of information and exchange of ideas is creating an ever-widening highway between the two groups. The increasing oppression and dangerous environment as we enter a new age of crisis is driving more people to question the controls over their lives both political, economic, and religious. So long as these people still have the technology of the internet, this process will continue. Perhaps the best case scenario we can hope for coming out of this age of crisis is a limited nuclear exchange leading to a failed attempt at centralized control by the sociopathic oligarchs which will stir an even greater reactionary force of Proto-Aquarians energized by the prepared survivors and the enlightened hopeful who value individual liberty while seeing through the mask of individual ego.

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