Modern Dog Diggs

Well a lot has changed lately: I left behind the 1100 square foot patio home in the city, and bought a 2200 square foot home in the country along with 12 acres of pasture and a 1100 square foot shop which I might eventually use to build furniture and cabinets. My two-story tall west facing windows bring the sunsets right into the living room, and I love the peace and quiet (except for the mooing cows and the distant train whistle, which only add to the charm). The home was built in 1996 and lightly updated since. After pouring over Pinterest and Houzz I have oodles of ideas for DIY updates, which I might take the time to post here.

Along with a bigger house and more space, a bigger dog was required. Enter: Madam Banshee Bean (thanks April for helping greatly with the naming process!), or Banshee for short – a mixed breed… possibly Lab and Beagle? My girlfriend’s co-worker’s mother had this stray show up, so I rescued her from abandonment and brought her home to be Sadie’s little big sister and playmate (Sadie is my 6 year old Boston Terrier). I thought building a dog house would be a good project to get to know all the new tools I had bought for woodworking and remodeling, so I designed the Modern Dog Diggs in SolidWorks and put it together. It has insulated walls with a heat lamp fixture, Cedar siding and asphalt shingled roof. Also took an old horse stall rubber mat and put it down for the floor (not pictured). It turned out pretty nice, I think!

Dog House

photo photo 2 photo 4 photo 5 photo 1


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One Response to Modern Dog Diggs

  1. paperedcut says:

    I saw the SolidWorks picture and then the picture of the actual dwelling and saw how perfectly proportioned it was to the picture and chuckled a little while thinking to myself, “That literally doesn’t surprise me.” You’ve always been great at whatever you try your hand at. I was blown away to hear that your shop is the same size as the house on Patio. You must be doing very well at the (relatively) new job. Still a little baffled to hear that April is still only your “girlfriend” and not wife, yet. What’s taking so long!!!?? lol I was also very excited to hear that you moved out to the country and are enjoying (what sounds like) a wonderfully peaceful lifestyle out there. That seems to give you the ability to do all the things you’ve been dreaming of (or at least all the things you told me you wanted to do), like growing your own food and living off the land and such. Congratulations, bro.

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