Financial Collapse… September 2015?

I’ve seen a lot of dates set, then come and go for THE final financial collapse (which will really be the Dollar collapse), but the list of financial experts sounding the alarm about a major financial and economic downturn coming as soon as September is impressive.

The true cause of this collapse is reckless and immoral fiscal and monetary policy as well as general lawlessness among the corporate elites. The collapse is also part of larger long-term plan to erode national sovereignty, create a new global monetary system, and reduce the world population.

The true cause of the collapse must be masked, and the blame must be redirected onto “enemies of the state” (enemies of global corporate interests). Therefore, I think it is highly likely that a major trigger event on the scale of 9/11 or larger is planned to occur just before the dam finally breaks. This could be as early as September with the 13th – 28th being prominent for occult reasons. This event will be cited by the MSM as the major cause for the financial catastrophe that will get into full swing the latter half of 2015 and into 2016.

Who will be blamed? At the moment, the biggest enemies of the global corporate interests are: Putin, Iran, Syria, Texas, and libertarians, constitutionalists, and nationalists. The next trigger event will be used as a justification for aggressive actions towards these people/groups. Already we have calls for dissenters to be arrested or put in camps. The swell of anger and fake patriotism after the next trigger event will possibly be used to make that happen.

Putin is a bit of a wild card because many of the Russian elites and political class have been schmoozed into going along with the Western system yet Putin (who exerts a high degree of control over the military) is still strongly nationalist and is publicly opposed to the New World Order. He also enjoys a high popularity. Being backed into a corner with the military as his only remaining tool, it is uncertain what a desperate Putin might do to avoid watching the world completely succumb to the planed technocracy of the Western Elites.

Iran has set up road blocks to Western hegemony in the Middle East for over 60 years and its paranoia and political extremism is understandable given that it has been under constant attack either by proxy or through clandestine subterfuge during this period. When the West was imposing sanctions on Iran and spouting stiff rhetoric against Iran, it was easier to understand Iran’s position based on the simple methods of hegemonic bullying regularly used by the US. Now that Obama has opened the door to negotiations with Iran, the politics there have suddenly become more opaque, so Iran has actually become more of a wild card. Syria is in the same boat as Iran and Putin.

A growing number of Texans sport “SECEDE” bumper stickers and over 1/3 supported secession in 2014. Thanks to low taxes, the oil and gas industry, and the diversity of the economy, Texas fared relatively well through the recent rough economic times. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has shown resistance to globalist interests. The construction of a gold holding facility and the announcement that Texas wants to repatriate its gold from the Fed is a blatant “FU” to the Fed and is the first step towards a Texas currency which makes the prospect of secession more feasible. The primary method through which the globalists exert control is monetary policy and any state that challenges this monopoly on monetary policy must be punished: thus the contention with Libya, Iraq, Iran, Russia and the BRICS, and… Texas.

Texas has a strong gun culture and may have a slightly larger percentage of libertarians, constitutionalists, nationalists, Christians and independents than the rest of the United States. But these people are also thickly scattered throughout the US so that roughly 25% of Americans favor secession. Gun culture and independent libertarian ideology presents a severe challenge to globalist interests in the US which is why the MSM and politicians attempt to make the ridiculous link between libertarian ideology and ISIS and DHS continues to spread bogus warnings to law enforcement about libertarians, gun owners, and returning veterans.

The U.S. must be brought into compliance with the UN goals for Agenda 21 and disarmament which includes taking away small arms from law abiding citizens. At some point after the collapse… probably a few years down the road, an attempt will be made to confiscate firearms from individuals.

Whatever the trigger event(s), the MSM and establishment politicians will likely find a way to blame all of these groups even if it makes no logical sense to lump them all together. Most Americans are so brain dead they’ll sing along to any variation of “four legs good, two legs bad” that is presented by authorities or pop culture icons.

What are the most likely options for a trigger event? Some form of terrorism is a high probability. This could range from widespread mass shootings, to nukes or dirty bombs in cities, to EMPs launched off the coast(s), to bio-warefare. I don’t believe it is in the globalists interests to EMP the entire US since this would destroy their fancy technological control grid which relies on intelligence gathering tools like social media and the internet of things. However, it is possible that EMPs in key areas could severely cripple the infrastructure while still keeping the internet working for the majority of Americans. This could come as a hail Mary preemptive attack of last resort by Iran or Putin, but that seems less likely… they know the system is about to collapse, so why would they want to risk taking the blame? A bio-warfare pandemic undoubtedly factors into the globalists plan for America at some point, but that might not be the initial trigger event for the financial collapse. Widespread shootings will likely continue but I don’t see them as having enough theatrics to be seen as THE trigger event that brought down the world’s financial system. The worst case scenario would be nukes or dirty bombs in cities. It would be nearly impossible to tell who was actually responsible which would make it easy for the globalists to insert the bad guy of choice into the narrative. There would be no footage of fishy building demolitions – only mushroom clouds and glass craters. It is also possible that the trigger event could be a rapid escalation of tensions between the powers listed above resulting in a nuclear exchange. And finally, a natural disaster such as an earthquake or asteroid could contribute, but I don’t see this as being a primary trigger event since it would be more difficult to blame enemies of the state for this (except perhaps through a tortured and twisted link to climate change… The French Foreign minister DID assert that we have “500 days to avert climate chaos” which sets the deadline for September 25, 2015).

I believe the globalists plan is to set off a trigger event resulting in a long term financial collapse. They will watch the world burn as the factions they have created kill off one another. They will use hit teams to take out key “insurgents” or those who are vocally opposed to individual disarmament and the globalist agenda. Upon the ashes they will integrate the dismembered sovereign nations into a global political system by instituting a new form of centralized digital money.

Many people thought this was all going to happen in 2008, and it would have happened in 2008, but at literally the last minute the Fed found a way to kick the can down the road through ZIRP and unlimited QE (money printing). It might be possible to keep the dollar system afloat for another few years by finding more ways to kick the can down the road. There must eventually be a collapse, but it will be controlled to guide the world into the prison of technocracy.

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