Isis, ISIS, and Apotheosis of the 266th Pope

There has been a tremendous amount of internet buzz and speculation regarding the dates of 9/23 and 9/24/2015. Some Christian groups were predicting the rapture. Others were predicting a major ISIS terrorist attack. Still others were expecting an assassination attempt on either Obama or the Pope. WW III, asteroid strikes, and EMPs were among the other candidates. The UFO crowd expected the Pope to finally disclose contact with extra-terrestrials. It is now 9/26 and the theatrics expected on 9/23 have been underwhelming to say the least. Nevertheless there was some highly significant symbolism occurring on the 23rd/24th day of September and I want to expound upon it here.

First of all, the Roman Catholic Church has never been primarily about Jesus or elevating the level of human consciousness on Spaceship Earth. It has always been about power and control over the rabble through the use of symbolism and mythology rooted in ancient astro-theological Solar/Saturn/Sirius cults going back through Egypt and Babylon. I will provide a few examples of the connections between Roman Catholic symbols and their ancient predecessors.

The Pope is often seen wearing the “Mitre” which symbolizes the open mouth of a fish. Fish symbolism is everywhere in Christianity and it is not just because the disciples were fishermen and Jesus made them “fishers of men”. Christianity began at the end of the age of Aries (the Ram) and the beginning of the age of Pisces (the Fish). When Jesus talks about “the end of the age”, this refers to the procession of the equinox through the zodiac which indicates the astrological “age”. These ages last about 2160 years so we are currently transitioning from the end of the age of Pisces to the beginning of the age of Aquarius. The Roman Catholic Church is therefore predictably beginning to abandon the Jesus fish for some new arrangement of deities or a new “Good Shepherd” that will be used to goad the sheeple into their pens throughout the Age of Aquarius.


But anyway… back to the Pope’s fish hat (Cardinals also wear them at times):

pope pope_hex_hat church78

The fish hat was also worn prior to Christianity by the priests of Dagon. Dagon was a fish god and also a god of the harvest to the ancient Babylonians and Philistines. Cronus (to the Greeks) or Saturn (to Romans) was also a god of the harvest and we often see him with a scythe or sickle. Put them together and we have the fishes and the loaves. Dagon may also be related to Dogon and Sirius worship which had a special symbolism to Egyptians relating to the time of year when the Nile would flood. Sirius being in the constellation of Canis Major relates it to the Canine while the relation to Dogon or Dagon is probably how canines came to be called dogs. Dogon may also be related to the etymology of the Dragon. To this day we still call late summer, “The dog days of summer” thanks to Dogon or Dagon and Sirius’s signalling the waters of the Nile to flood.

Anyway… The Pope’s fish hat is related to Dagon or Dogon and astro-theological pre-Christian deities.

vatican18_19Well ill be dagon

The fish hat is just one example of symbolism relating back to pre-Christian deities, but in the interests of time and space I’ll move on to symbolism more relevant to the Pope’s recent visit to D.C. on 9/23 and 9/24.

One of the most amazing and prominent architectural wonders of the Vatican is Saint Peter’s Basilica with its 448′ tall dome designed primarily by Bramante and Michelangelo. The basilica faces East to greet the rising sun and to its East is an elliptical plaza with an Egyptian Obelisk in the center. The Obelisk was transported from Egypt and re-erected in Rome around 37 AD.

New Saint Peter's, Vatican, Rome

Saint Peter’s Basilica and Plaza with Obelisk, Vatican, Rome


Saint Peter’s Basilica and Plaza with Obelisk, Vatican, Rome

Where else do we find the “male” obelisk inside the round “female” shape across from a very large dome? …Washington D.C.

Washington Monument

Washington Monument due West of the Capitol dome

So whats this all about? Just some old men acting like little boys who think it’s funny to draw body parts on the etcha-sketch? The story goes back to Sun worship in Egypt. Osiris was the old chief Sun god whose brother Set kills him at the end of the day (sun-set). As the legend goes, Set dismembers the body of Osiris and scatters his parts around the world. Isis, the Queen and wife of Osiris finds all of the pieces of Osiris’s body except for one member… his “member” which was unfortunately swallowed by a fish. So Isis fashions a new “gold member” for Osiris bringing him back to life. They have the sex and Horus is conceived – a baby sun god. (we probably get “hours” of the day from “Horus”). Isis, the virgin mother and pre-Madonna, is frequently pictured nursing baby Horus, and in the Roman Catholic Church we often see the virgin Mary (Madonna) nursing the baby Sun/Son of God.

Isis jesus


Isis nursing baby Horus and The Madonna holding baby Jesus

So it is no coincidence that the Pope’s schedule follows the itinerary of the tour of Madonna (who is a “Christianized” Isis) who performs this September just prior to the Pope at Washington D.C., Madison Square Garden, and Philadelphia – the city of Big Brotherly Love.

The Egyptian obelisk represents the phallus of Osiris and the ellipse or vesica pisces (belly of the fish) in this case represents… well it should be obvious… intercourse with Isis. The adjacent dome represents the womb or breast of Isis where a god is made and nursed. This is why the mosaic inside of the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica shows Jesus and the saints on their way to heaven at the top and also why the inside of the D.C. Capitol dome has a painting showing George Washington ascending to heaven which is titled “The Apotheosis of George Washington.” Apotheosis literally means to become a god.

Mosaic inside the dome of St. Peter's Basilica. Saints and angels rise towards heaven.

Mosaic inside the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica. Saints and angels rise towards heaven.

Apotheosis of George Washington

“The Apotheosis of George Washington” painted inside the dome on the U.S. Capitol. The 72 inverted pentagrams may symbolize the 72 years it takes for 1 degree of procession of the equinox.

I have read that at certain times in history the Egyptians would conduct human sacrifices… usually of foreigners or slaves… and at these times they believed the God Osiris would enter the Obelisk and that the Pharoah who sat in an adjacent dome (womb of Isis) believed this would make him a god.

Okay, let’s get back to the Pope’s visit. This is the 266th Pope from the first – St. Peter. The Pope decided to arrive at Washington D.C. on 9/23 which happens to be the 266th day of the year. Why is that significant? On average, a woman is pregnant for 266 days before going into labor. In Genesis, it is said that labor pain is the first judgment God gave to mankind. The evening of 9/22 to the evening of 9/23 is 7/10 on the Jewish calendar which is the Day of Atonement. This was the day that God decided how he was going to judge a person for the rest of the year and on 7/11 he would issue that judgement. (Side note: SEPT-ember was originally the 7th month so 9/11 could be thought of as 7/11. And 9/11 in Roman numerals is IXXI which is a re-working of the sign of Saturn and was engraved in Jesuit rings for a time. Pope Francis is the first Jesuit Pope, so he is thus “Lord of the IXXI Rings” and therefore kind of like the eye of Sauron/Saturn between the twin towers… Oh and don’t forget tower 7… 7/11). This year, 9/23 also happened to be the fall equinox – which doesn’t mean much to modern man, but recall that the ancients (and modern secret societies) were all about the Sun worship. Fall equinox is thus symbolic of the time when the powers of darkness overcome the powers of the light. Thus, what is “birthed” on 9/24 is something wicked.

So on 9/23 the prez “basked in the glow” of the Pope. On 9/24 the Pope journeyed to the Capitol. At some point he was interrupted by an illegal immigrant child who managed to evade iron clad security (staged much?) waving a heart-wrenching letter describing how she didn’t want to be deported. The Pope stood in the Capitol, which is symbolically the womb of Isis where a god is conceived or where men become gods (the dome also happens to be currently in the middle of a remodel or “reformation”). The main theme of his visit and of his speech was that the Western world needs to welcome the foreign children (to be sacrificed to Osiris) newly delivered unto us. Of course, it is well known that some of these “migrant children” belong to the terrorist group named: ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria).

So there you have it. The pope’s visit and message is all about Isis and the birthing of the children of ISIS through labor pains of judgment in the fall as the Western borders fall. Anyone who’s been paying attention knows that it is a thinly veiled fact that the West created ISIS by giving weapons, training, and funds to moderate rebels (also known as Al-Qaeda) in order to topple the Assad regime in Syria and possibly to be the next big bogeyman that will force Westerners to continue giving up their civil liberties so that they may be lovingly integrated into the global community with a nice big hug from Big Brother. Isis is ISIS is made by the secret societies who revere Isis and are the hidden hand behind Western geopolitics.

Pope Francis, accompanied by members of Congress, waves to the crowd from the Speakers Balcony on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015, after addressing a joint meeting of Congress inside. Doug Mills / The New York Times via AP, Pool))

Pope Francis, accompanied by members of Congress, waves to the crowd from the Speakers Balcony on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015, after addressing a joint meeting of Congress inside. Doug Mills / The New York Times via AP, Pool))

Pope Francis addresses congress on 9/24/2015

Pope Francis addresses congress on 9/24/2015

Oh and in case anyone missed the irony / hypocrisy… here’s the walls that keep the poor migrant children out of the Pope’s obscenely wealthy little city-state:

Vatican Wall and Entrance

Vatican Wall and Entrance

Vatican Walls

Vatican Walls


A good quick run-down on the occult astro-theology of Saturn:

More info on occult astro-theological symbolism in art and architecture:

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