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I can’t imagine how hard it must be to be 80 years old and a widow with a failing memory – nothing to live for and nothing to look forward to except perhaps the next time her grandson brings her … Continue reading

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Lakota – Dust of Adam

Would it have been better to live as a Native-American? Jake Sully certainly found his place among the Na’vi preferable, but who wouldn’t? Only those senselessly striving for unobtanium? I know the grass is always greener, yet I want to know honestly, was the Native-American lifestyle preferable to middle-class American life? Continue reading

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Yuppies in Winter Park

“A Texan with a beard? I didn’t know Texans had beards,” said one. From my appearance onward I think I did a fairly good job of shattering their Texan stereotypes. “Are there any Democrats in Texas?” one asked. “Not very many. I’m a libertarian,” I boasted. Continue reading

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