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Protected: Dammegarding the Next Event

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Las Vegas – A Conspiracy Theory

It is almost like this event was designed for conspiracy theorists such as myself… (EDIT: I have re-written this – adding links and clarifying. I apologize in advance for my initial semi-insane rant. I’ll speak in non-sequitur fragmented code so … Continue reading

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Sunday School

There was no lack of passion in the small child’s voice as he pleaded with his playmate to trade one large red Lego for two small blue Legos. “Joseph! Please Joseph, let me have them! Remember Zacchaeus? You should share!” … Continue reading

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CDC Flu Vaccine Propaganda

The yearly outbreak of Flu vaccine propaganda is here. The CDC’s case-controlled method of estimating flu vaccine effectiveness is fraudulent. Why? It only looks at sick people. If the vaccination rate in people with influenza-like illness (ILI) is higher than … Continue reading

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Hierarchy – The Sociopath Filter

Ostensibly the goal of the democratic political process under the social contract is to ensure the government is run in such a way as to create an environment of stability, safety, and equal opportunity in which (relatively) free individuals can … Continue reading

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Isis, ISIS, and Apotheosis of the 266th Pope

There has been a tremendous amount of internet buzz and speculation regarding the dates of 9/23 and 9/24/2015. Some Christian groups were predicting the rapture. Others were predicting a major ISIS terrorist attack. Still others were expecting an assassination attempt … Continue reading

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Music and Morality

There is a widespread assumption among religious fundamentalists that their particular holy book is essential for the human expression of morality. It is believed that without the guidance provided by this or that holy book or some other apocalypse, humanity … Continue reading

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