Hierarchy – The Sociopath Filter

Ostensibly the goal of the democratic political process under the social contract is to ensure the government is run in such a way as to create an environment of stability, safety, and equal opportunity in which (relatively) free individuals can thrive and reach their full potential as human beings. The election season gets the layperson engaged with friends and co-workers in debates about wide ranging subjects that directly or indirectly affect quality of life and freedom of opportunity, from foreign policy to crime statistics, to moral and ethical fundamentals.

These debates generate a great deal of frustration at the perceived enemies of human progress and prosperity as the political process fails time and time again to deliver satisfactory results. Typically these failures are thought to have roots in stupidity or immorality. And lately, as we have entered the golden age of conspiracy theories, deliberate deception and obfuscation from a network of secret societies, clandestine services, and other puppet-masters are increasingly fingered as the root cause of the failure of the political process.

Although I am a yuuge advocate of conspiracy theories, in this post I would like to focus on the underlying cause of the failure of all political systems: the sociopath filter known as hierarchy.

Human history can be roughly divided into two eras: the era of tribalism and the era of hierarchy. Before there were governments and cities, there were tribes – close-knit small groups of people living close to nature and depending on one another for survival. Possessions were limited to what one could carry and there was little privacy or individualism. Social cuing and a high degree of accountability maintained a certain amount of uniformity among the tribesmen. Yes, there was somewhat of a social order with elders and a chief and shaman, but on the whole the hierarchy was fairly flat and egalitarian with nothing going on beyond the view of anyone else. In some ways this tribal living was Eden, the age of innocence and simplicity. Although most modern humans wouldn’t dare trade off technological achievements, power, comfort and wealth to go back to tribal living, there is nevertheless a deep longing, frustration, and sense of alienation at having left the tribe and having walled ourselves off from nature and from one another.

As agricultural technology developed two things happened: a larger population could be supported in a smaller area leading to the formation of cities, and it became possible to accumulate possessions beyond what one could carry. This led to new forms of structure both physically in the form of large shelters and infrastructure as well as societal structures. The ability to expand the population and accumulate possessions led to inequality and individualism. This led to increased jealousy and competition which led to fighting. Groups of people then began to band together for common protection against outside enemies who would take what they had accumulated.

Enter > hierarchy. Hierarchy became the most efficient system of structural organization towards a common goal. The need to defend a group (or raid and conquer other groups) meant that the most successfully organized groups would win. Hierarchy as a martial system of organization defeated all other systems of organization. With every victory, a hierarchical organization would acquire more people, possessions, and territories.

There was a problem, however, with these growing pyramidal hierarchies of human structure: they only worked if the people that composed the larger base layers could get on board with the goals of those at the top. In order to keep the people in the pyramid working in line with the goals of those at the top, they had to be convinced it was in their best interests to do so (or have the true goals occluded and be told a story they would believe in). If the people were not convinced to work towards the common goal, the pyramid became unstable and those at the top would be overthrown or the group would be conquered by another more efficiently organized and better led group.

As soon as agriculture made wealth and hierarchy possible, a new element of human nature also entered the dynamic: the sociopath. In the Genesis story of creation, it is Cain that is the father of agriculture, the founder of the first great cities and… the first sociopath who murders his shepherd brother (perhaps a symbol of the nomadic tribal ways) out of jealousy. In the tribal system, what is good for the group is good for the individual – this developed within humanity the quality of empathy. Empathy, the ability to feel the pain or pleasure of others, is generally what works on the conscience to produce moral actions. Those without empathy, the sociopaths, do not feel the pain of others and sometimes perversely get satisfaction out of causing pain to others.

The problem with human hierarchy is that it is a filter for sociopaths. Any hierarchical group, even those founded with the noblest of intentions – city-state, government, religious organization, corporation, political party, home owner’s association, and book club – will always degenerate as those with low empathy and high desire for control filter their way to the top. Those with high empathy don’t want to step on or control their fellow man while those closer to the sociopath end of the spectrum relish the opportunity to do so.

It is human hierarchy combined with the spectrum of empathetic capacity that sets up the cycle of history. A group bands together for common purpose or common defense against an oppressor. The group chooses a leader. The group is successful and grows. Eventually the sociopaths work their way to the top and the group that was formed for common defense against oppression now oppresses. Under increasing corruption, the pyramid becomes unstable and collapses.

Until relatively recently there were natural barriers limiting the growth of a human hierarchy. All the layers of a hierarchy must be bound together by a common narrative so communication and propaganda is crucial for the continued life of a large hierarchy. Today technology has eliminated most of these barriers making it theoretically possible for a single pyramid to conquer the whole world.

There is however, a new challenge to the supremacy of hierarchy as an organizational structure and that is networking and crowd-sourcing empowered by the internet. This could be a potentially enormous diversion from the thousands of years of rule by hierarchy. In evolutionary terms this is like the first feathered birds surviving the post-meteor dinosaur apocalypse while T-Rex dies out.

As long as humans have a spectrum of empathy with a few of us having none, hierarchies will be dangerous. The formation of the first one will begin with a single murder out of jealousy and ultimately lead to an arms race culminating in M.A.D. (mutally assured destruction).

The organizational structure of the network is the only possible means I can fathom of defeating the hierarchy. A few decades ago we thought bacteria were the enemy, but today we realize it is only a few bad bacteria that are the enemy while our bodies teem with thousands of good bacteria that keep the balance from turning over to the bad. In the same way, networking and crowd-sourcing has the potential to put a check on hierarchies.

We obviously cannot eliminate all hierarchies, nor do I think we should do so. The first nation state to disband itself would immediately be conquered by another. Similarly, if we decide to boycott government as anarchists we will be conquered by the better organized hierarchies. If we try to reorganize our societies in the tribal way, we will go the way of all the other world’s tribes – ending up either dead or on a government controlled reservation.

So disavowing hierarchy outright and promoting a direct jump to anarchy or tribalism obviously will not work. But what We The People can do is promote networking in parallel. This is what the rising alternative media is already doing for us. It is the narrative that enables large hierarchies to survive and networking can return the power of the narrative to the people. This in turn forces the hierarchies to align their goals with those of the people rather than the other way around. In time, the hierarchies having lost much of their power will become less relevant.

In the mean time, we should recognize that the larger the hierarchy, the more dangerous it is. “World Government” is therefore supremely dangerous. Communism was sold as a sort of return to all the benefits of communal living that we long for from our tribal roots, but on a large scale and with an immensely powerful hierarchy ruling over it. Obviously it failed and can never achieve the utopia promised. The larger the hierarchy, the fewer its powers can be. The only legitimate purpose a world government could have would be to break up hierarchies that are too large. The U.S. Federal government was designed to be as weak as possible with progressively more powers residing with progressively smaller state and local governments. A major and proper function of the U.S. Federal government was to bust up trusts and corporations that had grown so large as to threaten the general welfare of the people. Today corporations have grown so large as to entirely subvert and control the government.

Already the established power structures are presenting many challenges to the restoration of narrative control to the people. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others engage in censorship and their content filtering algorithms force users into echo chambers and content ghettos that stifle diversity of perspective.

In the 1990’s Matt Drudge revolutionized the alternative news landscape and prophesied that traditional media outlets would soon be dead. He was right. A battle is won, but not the war. New and innovative ways must be found of breaking out of the echo chambers and content ghettos created by the social media and networking giants. This will ensure the controlling hierarchies continue to lose control over the narrative with the eventual goal that they are forced to break up into smaller and less dangerous creatures.




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Logos, Abyss, and Spirit

A couple of posts ago, I promised an exposition on the Trickster in the Bible. As it turns out, the subject is so vast that I needed a book rather than a few blog posts to explore it. I got bogged down in the details, so I’m putting that on the shelf for a while.

One concept to come out of my exploration of the Trickster which I will expound upon here is the conceptual Trinity of the Logos, Abyss, and Spirit.

Who are we? Why are we here? What are we going to do about it? (Or as Alan Watts would say: Who started it? Who’s going to finish it? Is it serious? And who’s going to clean up?) These are the fundamental questions at the root of all human exploratory endeavors. Scientists are searching for the great TOE (Theory Of Everything) – one theory to rule them all – one fundamental supreme model of reality from which everything else can be derived. We want to boil reality down to simpler and simpler more fundamental terms to find the root of the core of the essence of the kernel of the source of the atom of being. Let’s pretend for a moment that we can do this and that all reality boils down to just three concepts: Logos, Abyss, and Spirit.

The Logos

Logos is a Greek word translated in the New Testament as “Word” and is considered the principle of Divine reason from which we derive the word “logic”. I am going to define the Logos here as: the patterned alternation of boundaries and spaces. A word is the symbol of a defined boundary around a conceptual space. Going back to the “whirlpool in a stream” analogy. The word “whirlpool” calls to mind a bounded space around a particular area of a stream behind an obstruction where the hydrodynamic forces organize the water into a structured shape that we call a “whirlpool”. But is the whirlpool an objective thing or Picture 1merely a creation of the mind? The boundary around the whirlpool is more of a dashed line and is entirely mental and somewhat fuzzy. Can a whirlpool have any sort of independent existence? Do we find whirlpools of water isolated floating in space? Obviously not. A whirlpool’s existence only makes logical sense when embedded within the larger context of the stream… and likewise the stream’s existence only makes logical sense when embedded within the context of the landscape – and that within the earth – the earth within the solar system – and the solar system within the Universe as a whole.

Likewise ALL words are mental boundaries drawn around parts of the Whole. Since the independent existence of the parts makes no sense without reference to the rest of the Whole, these boundaries would appear to be merely mental creations and illusory. But if all boundaries and the words that represent them are illusory and merely mental, why are we able to break reality down into these mentally defined parts, stitch them back together with logic, and thereby create logical models of reality that seem to match up so well with empirical reality? It must be that reality itself is a construct of mentally defined boundaries and spaces which I am calling the Logos.

Logic is a comparison of mentally defined boundaries and spaces to expose a relationship or pattern between them. The most primitive form or relationship is ratio from which we get “rational”. So the rational aspect of reality is the Logos. For example, imagine two points. In Euclidian geometry, these points define a line. Place a third point on the line and you have a ratio which is a comparison of the spaces defined by the boundaries (points). Without the third point the distance between two points is undefined. It could be considered infinitely large or it could be considered infinitely small. All distances are ratios comparing two bounded spaces, so ratios form the basis of rational logical structured existence.

The Logos is the patterned alternation of boundaries and spaces and forms the intelligible, rational, structural aspect of reality. All structures are likewise patterned alternations of boundaries and spaces. Buildings are composed of beams and walls and rooms. Organisms are composed of organs and cells. The cell wall is a structural boundary that encloses a space which contains still smaller structures. Even mental and social structures are composed of boundaries and spaces in the form of taboos, sins, morality, law, sanity, schedules, holidays, discipline, etc. There are certain ratios like Phi and Pi that are somehow fundamental to the expression of Logos in this reality and so they show up again and again in all sorts of structures from galactic spirals to conchs on the beach to wildflowers to the human body. The study of these natural ratios and their expressions in form is called Sacred Geometry and has been applied in many ancient and modern structures to encode knowledge and appeal to aesthetic sensibilities. These natural ratios also appear in music. For example, the ratios of the lengths of line segments in the pentagram (which encodes Phi) form the basis of the pentatonic scale which is found in many genres of music around the world.

The human mind requires structure to persist in this reality. When a person is “sane” they behave rationally or logically according to internally consistent patterns of thought. When a person is “insane” their mental structure is broken down such that there is a lack of internal consistency and a lack of correspondence between their mental thought patterns and the patterns existing in their external reality. More on insanity when we approach…

The Abyss


So logic is useful and in fact incredibly necessary for us – yet it has its limitations. The limits of logic can be discovered through reflexivity. Turn any logical process back in upon itself and you begin to approach The Abyss. Perhaps that is why a hall of mirrors is incorporated into creepy carnivals and mirrors are prominent in the arts of magic, magick, and the occult.

Deconstruction is one example of reflexivity that would appear in its more extreme form to annihilate logic. Deconstruction is the use of language to analyze language. Take the definition of any word or any sentence, and then attempt to explain the definition, and then attempt to explain the definition of the definition, etc. You will find, as in the case of the whirlpool above, that every part implies the Whole. Nothing can be fully explained without explaining the entire universe itself. And how do we explain the universe…?

For a further demonstration of reflexivity and the limits of logic, consider that all systems of logic are constructed from axioms or primitive notions. These are words or concepts that are considered to need no explanation or definition because this would lead either to infinite regress (need to explain the entire universe in infinite detail) or into a vicious circle (circular reasoning or circular definitions). Take the example of an axiom from Euclidian geometry above: “two non-coincident points define a line”. Coincidence, points, and lines are all primitive notions, but do they really exist? Aren’t they merely mental constructs? We say that a point has no size, but has a location. A location relative to what? As stated above, all distances are ratios or comparisons of bounded spaces. So a point doesn’t have any objective existence but is a mental construct that compares a location to other locations. So points have zero size so they don’t really exist, and points form lines which have zero thickness so they don’t really exist. And lines form planes which have zero thickness so they don’t really exist. And planes form solids which don’t have any duration, so they don’t really exist. Now suppose we have a solid body that floats in space for some period of time… does it exist? How can it exist if everything that composes it does not exist? At what point, do we arrive at something that actually exists? Or is everything that exists actually a mental construct? We could take the approach of an inverted reductionism where concepts are real and prime. We can then zoom in or zoom out to add or subtract informational detail by focusing on more or fewer boundaries and the logical relationships between bounded concepts.

Every system of logic can be deconstructed. Every system of logic relies on axioms and primitive notions that are not supported by any logic because any self-reflexive attempt to do so results in either circularity or infinite regress. Since all foundations of all logic and rationality are fundamentally incapable of being supported by logic and rationality, we can imagine that they “float” upon a dark sea of irrationality or are bubbles of structure floating in a spacious absence of structure. This sea of irrationality and spacious absence of structure is the concept of the Abyss.

The Abyss is poetically synonymous with the deep-sea or “the bottomless pit”. It is mystery, darkness, non-sense, irrationality, and insanity. Curiosity is the quality within an individual that draws that individual to the boundary of present knowledge and causes that individual to yearn to go beyond it. The existence of the Abyss ensures that for every new boundary discovered, there will always be a mystery beyond that draws the curious spirit towards it.


Science employs logic and rationality to explore and model the patterns of the Logos. It can only explore the Logos, but is necessarily blind to the Abyss. Any phenomena that does not conform to rational patterns cannot be explored by science because science requires testability and repeatability. Where there is no pattern, there can be no science. Science is the expansion of knowledge enlarging the bubble of Logos within the infinite void of the Abyss to which science is completely blind. Science is therefore in the business of infinite demystification. It does not matter that this process could be infinite because the process of discovery is in itself its own reward to the curious spirit.

A problem occurs in our adjustment to reality when we forget that the Abyss exists and are led by Science and its efforts at demystification to believe the Universe is entirely logical and that we are approaching the end of all mystery. There is no end to the bottomless pit and there is no top to the heavens.

We are reminded of this reality of the Logos floating in the Abyss in various ways. Men once thought the ground to be solid, but eventually discovered this solid ground floats on fiery magma. The Earth was once thought to be a solid flat entity supported by pillars (or the backs of Turtles), but it was discovered the Earth is a globe floating in the void of space. Matter was once thought to be solid, but it has been discovered that matter is made of smaller and smaller bits of matter until it appears to be more of a collection of thoughts or information rather than physical billiard balls of substance.

In the Bible we find in John 1:1 an interesting description of the Logos “The Word”. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. All things were made by him; and without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it.” John states that the Logos manifested the creation and that the Logos manifested a form within the creation by the name of Jesus. Keeping in mind the notion of the Logos “floating” upon the Abyss, we find this interesting imagery in the story of the Logos in the form of Jesus “floating” or walking on the water (Abyss) by faith. The disciples also float on the water by utilizing their logically created structure (a boat). Peter’s curiosity causes him to step beyond the boundary of his logically created structure and attempt to float on the Abyss as the Logos encourages him to do likewise. Peter’s faith fails him and he begins to sink into the Abyss, but the Logos lifts him back into his floating structure, the boat. The Logos then steps into their structure (the boat) and calms the storm (pushes the Abyss back into its boundaries).

As we have seen, all logical structures are created upon axioms or primitive notions which are accepted to be true by faith. The logical structure within which we find ourselves enmeshed and which we call objective reality is in fact floating upon the Abyss supported only by faith. It should then theoretically be possible for an individual mind to alter one’s faith and step out of this logical bubble of reality and float upon the Abyss. In fact, the existence of the Abyss means that literally anything is possible. The very next instant could see the demise and recreation of the entire universe. There is literally nothing that says the universe must continue its logical progression one second longer save the collective faith of the Logos.

We also find the imagery of “floating” upon the Abyss in Genesis 1. Elohim creates the heavens and the earth, but the earth was “void” and “darkness was on the surface of the deep (Abyss)”. The Spirit of Elohim moved on the waters and this movement was the first act of creation from which light and everything else sprang into existence. Movement or Spirit is thus the third conceptual component of this Trinity.


Spirit means wind or breath. It implies invisible motion and e-motion. It is the animating life force. “And Elohim breathed into his nostrils and the man became a living being.” Motion implies change. As some have said, “the only thing constant is change.” Everything in all existence is in motion. Even the ancient hills and mountains are in the midst of a dramatic progression. When the rate of change is small, conceptual identities can be formed. You consider yourself to be the same person from one day to the next despite your gradual changes because your changes are so gradual they are hardly noticed, so you have formed for yourself an identity or an ego. But this defined identity, like the whirlpool, is mentally constructed, has fuzzy edges, and makes no sense apart from its context within the Whole. So by playing with zoom level, one can have the perspective that individuated identity is illusory – one is nothing or everything or both at the same time; this is the root of mystical experience.

Conscious universe

Motion or Spirit is essential to the creation of reality along with the Logos and the Abyss. Creation is movement on the surface of the Abyss – the boundary between the Logos and the Abyss. This movement is Spirit. If there were only Logos, there would be no novelty and therefore circularity without change. If there were only Abyss, there would be no structure or sanity. Creation rides the boundary surface between the two generating both structure and novelty, knowledge and mystery, light and darkness, sanity and insanity. As quoted from the book of John above, “The light (logos) shines in the darkness (abyss), but the darkness has not understood it.” The darkness of the abyss is the place of no knowledge and no understanding. This sounds terrible, but this is what makes the experience of curiosity and learning and interestingness possible. You cannot paint without a blank canvas. The glory of the light is imbued by the darkness that surrounds it.

Many have noted that there is a fine line between creativity and insanity. Some of the most brilliant artists in art, literature, and music lead very dynamic and chaotic lives that sometimes end up going “off the deep end” (into the Abyss). This is because creativity itself is a delicate balance between structure and destruction, sanity and insanity, sense and non-sense, Logos and Abyss.

Throughout all ages and peoples there are warnings against the occult. Channeling unseen entities or dabbling in magic is dangerous because like Peter who sank when he got out of the boat, we can get lost and sink when we leave behind the structure of the Logos and dance a jig on the surface of the Abyss. There is always an element of danger to curiosity. Curiosity has led us to unleash the power of the Sun on Earth. But danger is part of this game. It is the risk of sinking that makes boating exciting. The Spirit of Adventure propels one along this boundary between the Logos and the Abyss and that is the Spirit of humanity and the Divine Spirit. It is dynamic movement, the Spirit of Life that treads upon the surface of the Abyss that keeps life fresh and new and exciting.

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Isis, ISIS, and Apotheosis of the 266th Pope

There has been a tremendous amount of internet buzz and speculation regarding the dates of 9/23 and 9/24/2015. Some Christian groups were predicting the rapture. Others were predicting a major ISIS terrorist attack. Still others were expecting an assassination attempt on either Obama or the Pope. WW III, asteroid strikes, and EMPs were among the other candidates. The UFO crowd expected the Pope to finally disclose contact with extra-terrestrials. It is now 9/26 and the theatrics expected on 9/23 have been underwhelming to say the least. Nevertheless there was some highly significant symbolism occurring on the 23rd/24th day of September and I want to expound upon it here.

First of all, the Roman Catholic Church has never been primarily about Jesus or elevating the level of human consciousness on Spaceship Earth. It has always been about power and control over the rabble through the use of symbolism and mythology rooted in ancient astro-theological Solar/Saturn/Sirius cults going back through Egypt and Babylon. I will provide a few examples of the connections between Roman Catholic symbols and their ancient predecessors.

The Pope is often seen wearing the “Mitre” which symbolizes the open mouth of a fish. Fish symbolism is everywhere in Christianity and it is not just because the disciples were fishermen and Jesus made them “fishers of men”. Christianity began at the end of the age of Aries (the Ram) and the beginning of the age of Pisces (the Fish). When Jesus talks about “the end of the age”, this refers to the procession of the equinox through the zodiac which indicates the astrological “age”. These ages last about 2160 years so we are currently transitioning from the end of the age of Pisces to the beginning of the age of Aquarius. The Roman Catholic Church is therefore predictably beginning to abandon the Jesus fish for some new arrangement of deities or a new “Good Shepherd” that will be used to goad the sheeple into their pens throughout the Age of Aquarius.


But anyway… back to the Pope’s fish hat (Cardinals also wear them at times):

pope pope_hex_hat church78

The fish hat was also worn prior to Christianity by the priests of Dagon. Dagon was a fish god and also a god of the harvest to the ancient Babylonians and Philistines. Cronus (to the Greeks) or Saturn (to Romans) was also a god of the harvest and we often see him with a scythe or sickle. Put them together and we have the fishes and the loaves. Dagon may also be related to Dogon and Sirius worship which had a special symbolism to Egyptians relating to the time of year when the Nile would flood. Sirius being in the constellation of Canis Major relates it to the Canine while the relation to Dogon or Dagon is probably how canines came to be called dogs. Dogon may also be related to the etymology of the Dragon. To this day we still call late summer, “The dog days of summer” thanks to Dogon or Dagon and Sirius’s signalling the waters of the Nile to flood.

Anyway… The Pope’s fish hat is related to Dagon or Dogon and astro-theological pre-Christian deities.

vatican18_19Well ill be dagon

The fish hat is just one example of symbolism relating back to pre-Christian deities, but in the interests of time and space I’ll move on to symbolism more relevant to the Pope’s recent visit to D.C. on 9/23 and 9/24.

One of the most amazing and prominent architectural wonders of the Vatican is Saint Peter’s Basilica with its 448′ tall dome designed primarily by Bramante and Michelangelo. The basilica faces East to greet the rising sun and to its East is an elliptical plaza with an Egyptian Obelisk in the center. The Obelisk was transported from Egypt and re-erected in Rome around 37 AD.

New Saint Peter's, Vatican, Rome

Saint Peter’s Basilica and Plaza with Obelisk, Vatican, Rome


Saint Peter’s Basilica and Plaza with Obelisk, Vatican, Rome

Where else do we find the “male” obelisk inside the round “female” shape across from a very large dome? …Washington D.C.

Washington Monument

Washington Monument due West of the Capitol dome

So whats this all about? Just some old men acting like little boys who think it’s funny to draw body parts on the etcha-sketch? The story goes back to Sun worship in Egypt. Osiris was the old chief Sun god whose brother Set kills him at the end of the day (sun-set). As the legend goes, Set dismembers the body of Osiris and scatters his parts around the world. Isis, the Queen and wife of Osiris finds all of the pieces of Osiris’s body except for one member… his “member” which was unfortunately swallowed by a fish. So Isis fashions a new “gold member” for Osiris bringing him back to life. They have the sex and Horus is conceived – a baby sun god. (we probably get “hours” of the day from “Horus”). Isis, the virgin mother and pre-Madonna, is frequently pictured nursing baby Horus, and in the Roman Catholic Church we often see the virgin Mary (Madonna) nursing the baby Sun/Son of God.

Isis jesus


Isis nursing baby Horus and The Madonna holding baby Jesus

So it is no coincidence that the Pope’s schedule follows the itinerary of the tour of Madonna (who is a “Christianized” Isis) who performs this September just prior to the Pope at Washington D.C., Madison Square Garden, and Philadelphia – the city of Big Brotherly Love.

The Egyptian obelisk represents the phallus of Osiris and the ellipse or vesica pisces (belly of the fish) in this case represents… well it should be obvious… intercourse with Isis. The adjacent dome represents the womb or breast of Isis where a god is made and nursed. This is why the mosaic inside of the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica shows Jesus and the saints on their way to heaven at the top and also why the inside of the D.C. Capitol dome has a painting showing George Washington ascending to heaven which is titled “The Apotheosis of George Washington.” Apotheosis literally means to become a god.

Mosaic inside the dome of St. Peter's Basilica. Saints and angels rise towards heaven.

Mosaic inside the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica. Saints and angels rise towards heaven.

Apotheosis of George Washington

“The Apotheosis of George Washington” painted inside the dome on the U.S. Capitol. The 72 inverted pentagrams may symbolize the 72 years it takes for 1 degree of procession of the equinox.

I have read that at certain times in history the Egyptians would conduct human sacrifices… usually of foreigners or slaves… and at these times they believed the God Osiris would enter the Obelisk and that the Pharoah who sat in an adjacent dome (womb of Isis) believed this would make him a god.

Okay, let’s get back to the Pope’s visit. This is the 266th Pope from the first – St. Peter. The Pope decided to arrive at Washington D.C. on 9/23 which happens to be the 266th day of the year. Why is that significant? On average, a woman is pregnant for 266 days before going into labor. In Genesis, it is said that labor pain is the first judgment God gave to mankind. The evening of 9/22 to the evening of 9/23 is 7/10 on the Jewish calendar which is the Day of Atonement. This was the day that God decided how he was going to judge a person for the rest of the year and on 7/11 he would issue that judgement. (Side note: SEPT-ember was originally the 7th month so 9/11 could be thought of as 7/11. And 9/11 in Roman numerals is IXXI which is a re-working of the sign of Saturn and was engraved in Jesuit rings for a time. Pope Francis is the first Jesuit Pope, so he is thus “Lord of the IXXI Rings” and therefore kind of like the eye of Sauron/Saturn between the twin towers… Oh and don’t forget tower 7… 7/11). This year, 9/23 also happened to be the fall equinox – which doesn’t mean much to modern man, but recall that the ancients (and modern secret societies) were all about the Sun worship. Fall equinox is thus symbolic of the time when the powers of darkness overcome the powers of the light. Thus, what is “birthed” on 9/24 is something wicked.

So on 9/23 the prez “basked in the glow” of the Pope. On 9/24 the Pope journeyed to the Capitol. At some point he was interrupted by an illegal immigrant child who managed to evade iron clad security (staged much?) waving a heart-wrenching letter describing how she didn’t want to be deported. The Pope stood in the Capitol, which is symbolically the womb of Isis where a god is conceived or where men become gods (the dome also happens to be currently in the middle of a remodel or “reformation”). The main theme of his visit and of his speech was that the Western world needs to welcome the foreign children (to be sacrificed to Osiris) newly delivered unto us. Of course, it is well known that some of these “migrant children” belong to the terrorist group named: ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria).

So there you have it. The pope’s visit and message is all about Isis and the birthing of the children of ISIS through labor pains of judgment in the fall as the Western borders fall. Anyone who’s been paying attention knows that it is a thinly veiled fact that the West created ISIS by giving weapons, training, and funds to moderate rebels (also known as Al-Qaeda) in order to topple the Assad regime in Syria and possibly to be the next big bogeyman that will force Westerners to continue giving up their civil liberties so that they may be lovingly integrated into the global community with a nice big hug from Big Brother. Isis is ISIS is made by the secret societies who revere Isis and are the hidden hand behind Western geopolitics.

Pope Francis, accompanied by members of Congress, waves to the crowd from the Speakers Balcony on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015, after addressing a joint meeting of Congress inside. Doug Mills / The New York Times via AP, Pool))

Pope Francis, accompanied by members of Congress, waves to the crowd from the Speakers Balcony on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015, after addressing a joint meeting of Congress inside. Doug Mills / The New York Times via AP, Pool))

Pope Francis addresses congress on 9/24/2015

Pope Francis addresses congress on 9/24/2015

Oh and in case anyone missed the irony / hypocrisy… here’s the walls that keep the poor migrant children out of the Pope’s obscenely wealthy little city-state:

Vatican Wall and Entrance

Vatican Wall and Entrance

Vatican Walls

Vatican Walls


A good quick run-down on the occult astro-theology of Saturn: http://youtu.be/ylyZ9gKySAg

More info on occult astro-theological symbolism in art and architecture: http://youtu.be/L777RhL_Fz4

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Financial Collapse… September 2015?

I’ve seen a lot of dates set, then come and go for THE final financial collapse (which will really be the Dollar collapse), but the list of financial experts sounding the alarm about a major financial and economic downturn coming as soon as September is impressive.

The true cause of this collapse is reckless and immoral fiscal and monetary policy as well as general lawlessness among the corporate elites. The collapse is also part of larger long-term plan to erode national sovereignty, create a new global monetary system, and reduce the world population.

The true cause of the collapse must be masked, and the blame must be redirected onto “enemies of the state” (enemies of global corporate interests). Therefore, I think it is highly likely that a major trigger event on the scale of 9/11 or larger is planned to occur just before the dam finally breaks. This could be as early as September with the 13th – 28th being prominent for occult reasons. This event will be cited by the MSM as the major cause for the financial catastrophe that will get into full swing the latter half of 2015 and into 2016.

Who will be blamed? At the moment, the biggest enemies of the global corporate interests are: Putin, Iran, Syria, Texas, and libertarians, constitutionalists, and nationalists. The next trigger event will be used as a justification for aggressive actions towards these people/groups. Already we have calls for dissenters to be arrested or put in camps. The swell of anger and fake patriotism after the next trigger event will possibly be used to make that happen.

Putin is a bit of a wild card because many of the Russian elites and political class have been schmoozed into going along with the Western system yet Putin (who exerts a high degree of control over the military) is still strongly nationalist and is publicly opposed to the New World Order. He also enjoys a high popularity. Being backed into a corner with the military as his only remaining tool, it is uncertain what a desperate Putin might do to avoid watching the world completely succumb to the planed technocracy of the Western Elites.

Iran has set up road blocks to Western hegemony in the Middle East for over 60 years and its paranoia and political extremism is understandable given that it has been under constant attack either by proxy or through clandestine subterfuge during this period. When the West was imposing sanctions on Iran and spouting stiff rhetoric against Iran, it was easier to understand Iran’s position based on the simple methods of hegemonic bullying regularly used by the US. Now that Obama has opened the door to negotiations with Iran, the politics there have suddenly become more opaque, so Iran has actually become more of a wild card. Syria is in the same boat as Iran and Putin.

A growing number of Texans sport “SECEDE” bumper stickers and over 1/3 supported secession in 2014. Thanks to low taxes, the oil and gas industry, and the diversity of the economy, Texas fared relatively well through the recent rough economic times. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has shown resistance to globalist interests. The construction of a gold holding facility and the announcement that Texas wants to repatriate its gold from the Fed is a blatant “FU” to the Fed and is the first step towards a Texas currency which makes the prospect of secession more feasible. The primary method through which the globalists exert control is monetary policy and any state that challenges this monopoly on monetary policy must be punished: thus the contention with Libya, Iraq, Iran, Russia and the BRICS, and… Texas.

Texas has a strong gun culture and may have a slightly larger percentage of libertarians, constitutionalists, nationalists, Christians and independents than the rest of the United States. But these people are also thickly scattered throughout the US so that roughly 25% of Americans favor secession. Gun culture and independent libertarian ideology presents a severe challenge to globalist interests in the US which is why the MSM and politicians attempt to make the ridiculous link between libertarian ideology and ISIS and DHS continues to spread bogus warnings to law enforcement about libertarians, gun owners, and returning veterans.

The U.S. must be brought into compliance with the UN goals for Agenda 21 and disarmament which includes taking away small arms from law abiding citizens. At some point after the collapse… probably a few years down the road, an attempt will be made to confiscate firearms from individuals.

Whatever the trigger event(s), the MSM and establishment politicians will likely find a way to blame all of these groups even if it makes no logical sense to lump them all together. Most Americans are so brain dead they’ll sing along to any variation of “four legs good, two legs bad” that is presented by authorities or pop culture icons.

What are the most likely options for a trigger event? Some form of terrorism is a high probability. This could range from widespread mass shootings, to nukes or dirty bombs in cities, to EMPs launched off the coast(s), to bio-warefare. I don’t believe it is in the globalists interests to EMP the entire US since this would destroy their fancy technological control grid which relies on intelligence gathering tools like social media and the internet of things. However, it is possible that EMPs in key areas could severely cripple the infrastructure while still keeping the internet working for the majority of Americans. This could come as a hail Mary preemptive attack of last resort by Iran or Putin, but that seems less likely… they know the system is about to collapse, so why would they want to risk taking the blame? A bio-warfare pandemic undoubtedly factors into the globalists plan for America at some point, but that might not be the initial trigger event for the financial collapse. Widespread shootings will likely continue but I don’t see them as having enough theatrics to be seen as THE trigger event that brought down the world’s financial system. The worst case scenario would be nukes or dirty bombs in cities. It would be nearly impossible to tell who was actually responsible which would make it easy for the globalists to insert the bad guy of choice into the narrative. There would be no footage of fishy building demolitions – only mushroom clouds and glass craters. It is also possible that the trigger event could be a rapid escalation of tensions between the powers listed above resulting in a nuclear exchange. And finally, a natural disaster such as an earthquake or asteroid could contribute, but I don’t see this as being a primary trigger event since it would be more difficult to blame enemies of the state for this (except perhaps through a tortured and twisted link to climate change… The French Foreign minister DID assert that we have “500 days to avert climate chaos” which sets the deadline for September 25, 2015).

I believe the globalists plan is to set off a trigger event resulting in a long term financial collapse. They will watch the world burn as the factions they have created kill off one another. They will use hit teams to take out key “insurgents” or those who are vocally opposed to individual disarmament and the globalist agenda. Upon the ashes they will integrate the dismembered sovereign nations into a global political system by instituting a new form of centralized digital money.

Many people thought this was all going to happen in 2008, and it would have happened in 2008, but at literally the last minute the Fed found a way to kick the can down the road through ZIRP and unlimited QE (money printing). It might be possible to keep the dollar system afloat for another few years by finding more ways to kick the can down the road. There must eventually be a collapse, but it will be controlled to guide the world into the prison of technocracy.

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The Trickster and the Paranormal

Every once in a while, a book comes along at just the right time and provides me with one fresh Eureka moment after another. “The Trickster and the Paranormal” by George P. Hansen is just such a book. It has tied together many concepts that I previously failed to connect.  In future posts, I would like to explore the connections between the Trickster archetype and the stories found in the Bible, but first I need to provide a quick summation of the concepts and terms expounded upon in Hansen’s book.
(Also, here is a youtube interview of George P. Hansen)

Introduction of Concepts: The Trickster, Structure/Anti-structure, Liminality, Reflexivity, Boundaries, Marginality, and Meaning

The Trickster is an archetypal character that shows up again and again in mythologies from all cultures around the world. Hermes and Prometheus in Greek mythologies, Loki in Norse mythology, the fox and the coyote in Native American mythologies, the serpent in all kinds of mythologies, Br’er Rabbit in African-American folklore, the jester, the Jack, Jack Sparrow, the clown, gods and devils, superheros and super-villains, Bugs Bunny, Mary Poppins, the Joker and Batman are just a few examples that come to mind. The Trickster is a boundary crosser. The Trickster inhabits the interstitial betwixt and between regions that lie at the fuzzy edges of defined boundaries that separate binary oppositions such as: heaven/earth, upper-class/lower-class, order/chaos, truth/falsehood, good/evil, life/death, human/animal, symbol/meaning, male/female, self/other, subject/object, rational/irrational. As such, the trickster is a marginal character without status and often solitary yet also charismatic. Sometimes the Trickster is profoundly wise and outwits his opponents to make them appear as fools. Sometimes the Trickster is incredibly lucky and outwits his opponents accidentally through comical buffoonery. The Trickster sometimes takes advantage of the inherent ambiguity in language (deconstruction) to deceive or hoax. The Trickster is associated with magic, the supernatural, the paranormal, and irrationality. The trickster is also associated change, humor, and with the reversal of status such as making fools out of the pompous and elevating the simple and humble over them. The Shaman in native tribal communities shares many qualities with the trickster: he is marginalized at the edge of the community, acts humorously foolish, performs magic which is sometimes a combination of hoax and miracle, blurs the boundaries between human and animal, often blurs gender roles, and claims supernatural power. “Many native traditions held clowns and tricksters as essential to any contact with the sacred. People could not pray until they had laughed, because laughter opens and frees from rigid preconception. Humans had to have tricksters within the most sacred ceremonies for fear that they forget the sacred comes through upset, reversal, surprise. The trickster in most native traditions is essential to creation, to birth.” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trickster)

Boundaries create structure. In language, definitions of words create boundaries around concepts which form binary oppositions. Some concepts are considered primitive notions of a logical system which is a form of structure that enables rational or “sane” thought. But the boundaries around concepts are always fuzzy because binary oppositions often bleed into one another in a continuum and the connection between symbol and meaning is not direct, is created through dynamic social convention, and is heavily dependent upon context, memory, and perception. The structures of logical thought are then vulnerable to attack through exploration of inherent ambiguity (deconstructionism or post-structuralism) and also through reflexivity (covered below). The Trickster utilizes blurred boundaries and the limits of perception to deconstruct and deceive. The Trickster promotes communitas and anti-structure instead of hierarchy and promotes the irrational and mystical instead of the rational and mundane. Hermenutics means the theory and methodology of textual interpretation, so it is understandable why the root of the word comes from Hermes, the trickster messenger god, who inhabited the interstitial domain between heaven and earth.

Social boundaries create societal structure, organizations, stratification of labor, class, and hierarchy. For example, the boundary between male and female enables a fundamental stratification of labor and societal functions in the form of gender roles. These then enable the formation of contractual partnership called marriage which is another boundary defining the family unit. The boundary between child and adult establishes the individual’s place and role in society by age. Crossing of societal boundaries or inhabiting the region between societal boundaries is often taboo. Shame and desire for acceptance motivate individuals to avoid taboos and stay within the established societal boundaries. The Trickster mocks the rigidity of socially constructed boundaries and crosses them despising the shame. The dissolution of boundaries is anti-structural and anti-establishment.

Liminality is the status of being without status and being on the boundary or on the threshold between a binary opposition. In structured societies, liminality is often confined to established times and rituals. For example, when a child goes through puberty, he or she enters a liminal status where he or she is still a bit of child and not quite adult and there is confusion about what his or her role should be. Coming-of-age or rites of passage rituals serve to contain and narrow this liminal period within a short well-defined boundary so that prior to the ritual the child knows to act like a child and society knows to treat him or her like a child. After the ritual, the adult knows to act like an adult and society knows to treat him or her like an adult. Often in native cultures, this liminal coming-of-age ritual is accompanied by the supernatural, vision quests, leaving society for a period of solitary trial, and visitations by the trickster either in the form of the shaman or other spirits. In highly structured orderly society, liminality and change is reduced while stability and routine are greatly increased thereby limiting the Trickster’s influence. Periods of travel or other breaks in routine open the door for the Trickster to show up. The Trickster himself is often portrayed as a frequent traveler, a wanderer, gypsy, the travelling fool, and permanently homeless. Many have noted the connection between synchronicity, Psi, and travel. Weird coincidences that happen in meaningful ways seem to increase when we break out of our routines. Meaning and interpretation is once again the domain of the Trickster.

Reflexivity is turning a process or system of rational thought inward upon itself and this can be structural as in the case of self-regulating feedback loops like self-awareness or introspection and self-examination leading to integration of the self, but reflexivity taken to extremes is often paradoxical and anti-structural. One simple example is the Liar’s paradox, “This statement is false,” which undermines Aristotelian logic and the excluded middle. Another example is using language to analyze language: the definition of a word is composed of other words which are composed of still more words such that any attempt to fully define a word can lead to either an infinite regress or a vicious circle. For this reason, deductive logic must be based on axioms or primitive notions which are accepted to be self-evident without the need of a definition. This would seem to lead to axiomatic systems of logical thought floating freely and un-tethered by any chain of deductive logic to some objective reality. This then leads to relativism or solipsism or mystical union. Reflexivity seems to lead to an abyss of mysterious uncertainty and paradox. It makes sense then that the reflexive activity of meditation – awareness of awareness – would lead to mysticism and experiences of “the Void” or “the Abyss” and a sense of the loss of self or blurring of the boundaries between subject and object. The condition of reflexivity and its corresponding tendency towards anti-structure and humor are conducive to the Trickster and the paranormal.

The Paranormal and all of its manifestations from psi to psychics, miracles, synchronicities, answered prayer, prophecy, apparitions of angels and demons, ghosts, UFOs, and Bigfoot, all seem to operate under the archetype of the Trickster and erupt out of the same conditions that are conducive to or created by the Trickster: anti-structure, marginality, liminality, periods of flux and change and uncertainty, travel, boundary blurring, ambiguity, betwixt and between, irrationality, and low status or status reversal.

For an in-depth history of the paranormal and parapsychology and the links to the Trickster archetype, read Hansen’s book, “The Trickster and the Paranormal”.

Tricksters and Arbitrary Boundaries

Tricksters and Arbitrary Boundaries

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Music and Morality

There is a widespread assumption among religious fundamentalists that their particular holy book is essential for the human expression of morality. It is believed that without the guidance provided by this or that holy book or some other apocalypse, humanity would have no basis for determining right from wrong and would then quickly devolve into terror sprees, orgies, and general pandemonium. I have come to believe that this is an incorrect assumption.

I think that this perspective is flawed because it denies that there is an innate instinctive ability in each person to sense right and wrong and a motivation to do right – a conscience. To illustrate this innate instinctive ability, I like to compare the sense of morality to the sense of harmony and rhythm in music. While there are wide and varied tastes and styles of music enjoyed around the world, all music adheres to certain rules of proportion to produce harmony and almost everyone has an innate ability to determine whether these rules of proportion are being properly followed. An experiment that could be done to illustrate this might go as follows: Choose 200 people from all different cultures and age ranges around the world, and play for them a major C-chord on a piano that is perfectly tuned, and again on a piano that has each note out of tune by 4-5 hz. Then have these people choose which sound is more pleasing. I would be willing to bet that the majority of people – even children who have had little exposure to music – would find the chord on the tuned piano to be more pleasing to the ear.

I would further venture a guess that if you had two recordings of Mozart’s Rondo Alla Turca, one played by a maestro and one poorly played by a novice, that a majority of people – even those who have never heard Mozart or had any formal musical training – would be able to tell which version is the better played.

The mathematical proportions that govern harmony and rhythm in music are fundamental proportions to the geometric construction of the universe. These geometric proportions through fractal programs provide an infinite variety of structures throughout the universe just as these proportions expressed in harmony and rhythm provide an infinite variety of music to enjoy.

Harmony and rhythm are the expressions of the fundamental universal proportions experienced through audible sound waves which we call music. And what of other types of waves? Everything in the universe can be considered to be a waveform – an oscillation between a positive and a negative, a give and take, a push and a pull. Light is the waveform sensed by the eyes and certain proportions in frequency (color) and intensity (contrast) and composition harmonize better than others creating both pleasing and repulsive images. The intensity of sunlight as it falls on the earth follows a waveform which we call days and seasons and years. By harmonizing our sleep and activities with the natural waveform of sunlight intensity patterns, we can have some pleasing benefits. If we clash with the natural rhythms of the sun we may experience displeasure or even harm.


Relationships can also be viewed as waveforms. There is give and take, push/pull, help/hurt, like/dislike, intimacy and separation. When people in relationships harmonize they achieve a pleasant and peaceable experience. To behave in a moral manner brings harmony. Empathy gives us the ability to feel what others are feeling and thereby creates a feedback loop between self and other which is shorter and more highly motivating than the feedback loop of action/reaction. The empathy feedback loop is like the cruise control on your vehicle which allows you to achieve a steadiness in relationships despite all of the external excitation – peaks and valleys of life.

Although I believe that a rudimentary sense of harmony in music is almost universally innate and instinctive, this sense can be developed, refined, and expanded through discipline (the ability to control one’s actions with skill), practice, and study of theory. Likewise, the same can be said for morality. Any person is free to walk up to a piano and bang on it, but it takes many hours of practice and study to play something interesting and pleasing to the ear. You’re free to bang out your noisy life with minimal discipline clashing with the environment and those around you, but with practice and study you can learn to lead a beautiful life with harmony, rhythm, and balance. This is where religious institutions and holy books can play an important role. They can take this rudimentary sense of morality and develop it. Unfortunately they can also introduce some negatives. An overbearing piano teacher can induce anxiety in a young pupil to the point where music is no longer fun. That rap on the wrist for every wrong note can produce such frustration the student becomes completely unable to play. Or by overburdening students with theory or the repetition of particular rigid interpretations of classic pieces, the student’s creativity and enjoyment will be stifled. There are obvious correlates with religion.

I have been careful up to this point to say that the sense of harmony in music is “almost” universal. There are those among us who are completely tone deaf and some who cannot keep a beat. The moral analogue is the sociopath. The sociopath lacks empathy and therefore has no feedback loop to provide him with the ability or motivation to tune his actions to harmonize with others. He must rely solely on the longer feedback loop of action/reaction (i.e. hurt/retaliation or crime/punishment) so he does not easily harmonize with society and society labels him “immoral.”

Just as the various musical schools and cultures found throughout the different regions of the world have explored the fundamental universal proportions of music and come up with different creative results, the various religions of the world have explored the fundamental proportions of the harmonies of life which we call wisdom, morality and spirituality, and they have come up with different creative results. When two waves match up and excite one another that is called a resonance. A child in the West may be raised in a Christian environment to learn from the Bible not to worry about tomorrow or not to be overly concerned with material possessions, and a child in the East may learn from the Tao Te Ching the very same wise principle. The child from the West reading the Tao Te Ching or the child from the East reading the Bible will find a tremendous resonance as the waveforms of the two teachings synchronize because they were derived from the fundamental proportions of reality – the Logos. This is not to say that 100% of the teachings of the Bible or the Tao will perfectly harmonize because both are explorations or maps of the divine proportions left behind for us by previous explorers. And like the early explorers and cartographers of the geographical structures of the world, some things were slightly out of proportion or out of tune. But by comparing many maps and models, a more accurate picture begins to emerge.

I am suggesting that there are a simple set of fundamental moral rules from which diverse phylogenies of cultural moral expression can expand. If we ever discover life on other planets we fully expect species on that planet to differ from ours, but we would also expect the fundamental rules of physics that governed the development of those species to be the same. So although our expressions of life might look different, there would be many similarities that would resonate with lifeforms on Earth.

With all this in mind, I think that we should be freed to evaluate the beauty and interestingness of a person’s life or a culture based not on the moral forms particular to one species of religion, but instead based on the way that person harmonizes and resonates with the fundamental principles of the universe. So I guess I am still a fundamentalist! But I believe that the fundamental moral principles can be discovered through the sense organ of the conscience and developed as one discovers geography or physics or music whereas the religious fundamentalist believes that the fundamental moral principles cannot be explored and developed by man but must be dictated from God solely through the language centers of the brain and reinforced with punishment and reward from established institutions.

The religious fundamentalist always argues that without an authoritative holy book to tell us the difference between right and wrong, who is to decide right and wrong? My answer is that you don’t need a book to tell you if a piano is out of tune or if someone is clapping off beat, but a book might aid you in your efforts to become a better musician. Similarly a philosopher will read many books in attempt to become wise and strengthen the natural inclinations of his conscience. Perhaps another reason we need books to help us see right from wrong is that the waveforms of morality sometimes happen on such large timescales that a feedback loop cannot be easily established and therefore a sense of harmony cannot be easily felt and instead can more easily enter through the language and logic centers. If I hit you for no reason and you cry, that is a short timescale and I might immediately feel bad for my wicked deed. But it could take hundreds or thousands of years to reap the pain of some of our environmentally unfriendly actions.

At any rate, I hope that more people will become philosophers in an effort to explore the realms of universal harmony and add to our collective understanding so that we may live ever more beautiful peaceable and interesting lives.


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Modern Dog Diggs

Well a lot has changed lately: I left behind the 1100 square foot patio home in the city, and bought a 2200 square foot home in the country along with 12 acres of pasture and a 1100 square foot shop which I might eventually use to build furniture and cabinets. My two-story tall west facing windows bring the sunsets right into the living room, and I love the peace and quiet (except for the mooing cows and the distant train whistle, which only add to the charm). The home was built in 1996 and lightly updated since. After pouring over Pinterest and Houzz I have oodles of ideas for DIY updates, which I might take the time to post here.

Along with a bigger house and more space, a bigger dog was required. Enter: Madam Banshee Bean (thanks April for helping greatly with the naming process!), or Banshee for short – a mixed breed… possibly Lab and Beagle? My girlfriend’s co-worker’s mother had this stray show up, so I rescued her from abandonment and brought her home to be Sadie’s little big sister and playmate (Sadie is my 6 year old Boston Terrier). I thought building a dog house would be a good project to get to know all the new tools I had bought for woodworking and remodeling, so I designed the Modern Dog Diggs in SolidWorks and put it together. It has insulated walls with a heat lamp fixture, Cedar siding and asphalt shingled roof. Also took an old horse stall rubber mat and put it down for the floor (not pictured). It turned out pretty nice, I think!

Dog House

photo photo 2 photo 4 photo 5 photo 1


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